13 Things Every Couple Must Do Before Getting Pregnant

Things Every Couple Must Do Before Getting Pregnant

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Pregnancy is an individual choice but needs a concerted planning and effort between couples. If you are planning on having children, then it isn’t enough to just plan when to have a child. There are many more factors that you need to consider before getting pregnant. Make responsible and wise decisions. Here’s what you might want to consider:

1. Freeze Your Career Options:

If you are a home-maker, it might not be a difficult choice. But for career-oriented women pregnancy could be a big deal – from the time they conceive to how they are going to raise their children as a working mother. In some countries, maternity benefits aren’t as great when compared to the rest. Some don’t have lengthy maternity leave policy. Some don’t have the help of an immediate kin. Look for flexi work hours or work from home options. While you will have to discuss with your partner on these lines, also discuss with your employer on the maternity leave policy and the flexible working mode.

2. Seek Advice From Your Mother:

Your mother is an experienced woman. And you carry her genes. So it is always wise to discuss with her about your prospects of motherhood. Ask her how long it took her to get pregnant, whether there were any health complications, whether she had a normal delivery, a breech or Caesarean delivery. Some health complications during pregnancy are inherited while some are not. Blocked fallopian tubes or poor egg quality aren’t hereditary. But conditions like diabetes, ovarian cysts or fibroids are. So if she had any complications, it is always good you speak to a doctor before you go in for conception.

3. Visiting Doctor And Dentist:

While your doctor might carry out a wide range of tests from your blood-sugar levels to genetic testing and come to you with any harmful family history and medical advice, don’t ignore your dentist and your oral health. Did you know that bad oral health has been found associated with preeclampsia, miscarriage or premature labor? Also, check for gingivitis. You might have to get a periodic doctor and dental visits throughout your pregnancy and for some time post pregnancy as well.

4. Figure Out Your Accommodation:

If you live in a condo, chances are you would want to opt for a bigger place to live. As the family gets bigger, you need more rooms and more space for both an addition to the family and addition to your belongings. Most of you who had been living in rented accommodation might suddenly want to purchase a house. It doesn’t have to be a huge expensive house to begin with. Remember, your baby will initially sleep in bassinets or beside you in your bed. For your child to have his/her room, it will take some time.

5. Prioritize Your Choices With Your Partner:

Some could be traditions; others could be an occupation. Some could be issues of which school you would want your child to go to. Other could be religion. There are various aspects of raising a child, moving to a new location, sticking to a suitable job and finding accommodation in the said location. There will be issues revolving around satisfying familial advice and traditions on both sides. Make a clear cut choice on all these because more often than not you will deviate from them and later revoke what was decided earlier!

6. Stop Taking Those Pills:

Once you think you want to have children, you must stop birth control pills. Not simply because it will allow you to get pregnant but because you must also know your fertility period. Stop the pills couple of months before trying to conceive. That way you will know your menstrual cycles and ovulation period. Allow your hormones to start behaving normally – you might also notice a change in your menstrual pattern. So staying off the pills will help you determine your fertile time.

7. Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, And Smoking:

The partying lifestyle must be called up totally – at least until after your child is born and has perhaps even weaned from the breastfeeding stage. It’s a long pause, but you will surely need to stay away from any of these indulgences because cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol not only lower your egg quality, but also lead to premature labor, miscarriage, or other birth defects and complications. Men must also abstain from these to preserve their sperm quality.

8. Manage Your Weight:

Most women fear to put on weight during and after pregnancy. While putting on weight during pregnancy is inevitable, you can control being overweight by first losing some weight before you become pregnant. Monitoring your weight alongside a healthy diet and moderate exercises will help you achieve this.

9. Catch Up With All The Entertainment:

If you are one of those movie buffs or entertainment freaks, make sure you make the most of it before and during pregnancy. Once you have a child, you may not be able to watch a film at length or go out on an adventure or amusement ride, weekend getaways or your dream vacation.

10. Manage Your Finances:

Pregnancy also comes with hospital costs, doctor visits, and medical test billing. Apart from this, there will be loads of baby needs and accessories that you might have to spend on. Make sure you have buffer money to stay financially sound. Ensure you have a medical insurance coverage as well.

11. Take Supplements:

It’s good to take supplements of vitamins and mineral while trying and once you get pregnant. Women need much iron and calcium because these elements decline after pregnancy thereby causing anemia and weak bones. Folic acid and other multivitamins are also essential to develop a healthy baby and prevent any birth defects.

12. Maintain Proper Metabolism And Sleep:

It’s important to have a balanced diet, a reasonable amount of physical activity and also plenty of sleep. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between sleeping well and ovulation. Therefore never undermine what a goodnight’s sleep could do to you.

13. Take Pride In Your Background:

Now that you are going to have a child make sure you be proud of your origin, your past, and present, your family history, the achievements, your culture, and heritage because these are what you will pass down to your child as well. Have family pictures of all the good times so your child will learn from them as he grows up.

Pregnancy is not a solo journey. Couples need to fix upon several factors before getting pregnant. What were the decisions you made? Write us back.

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