10 Things Every Mom Should Do Before Her Baby Turns One

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The journey from zero to one year of age of any child is a momentous and eventful one. While your toddlers get busy being toddlers at this nascent stage, they pretty much keep you occupied 24×7 with a poop incidence here and pee event there.

Amidst the crazy schedule they wrap you in, there are still certain things you must do with your prince and princesses before they turn one.

Here’s a list of ten such enjoyable activities for both you and your baby, and even for mommy and daddy alone:

1. Read to your child

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It is even better if you start reading to your baby while they’re still safely nestling in mama’s belly. If you read to your child regularly, you’ll see them develop a love for books at an early age. In fact, they will turn smart enough to choose the book they want you to read as well as the parts of the book they love the most.

2. Spend some alone time with your partner

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A night away with your equally stressed spouse is one of the best things you can do before your baby flips over a whole calendar year. Yes, your baby should be your priority, but it is important to spend some quality and cosy time with your partner too. The stress of parenthood can take over both of you, and spending some time together can provide some relief.

3. Capture memories in pictures

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The year will pass by in a heartbeat, and you won’t even know before your baby turns one. It’s only smart to capture all the precious memories of the first year of their existence in pictures that you’ll enjoy even when you grow old.

4. Take your baby on a trip

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Yes, they would be too young to remember and even realize what’s going on, but even a short trip can do them a world of good. A holiday can be a great learning experience for both you and your baby.

5. Focus on yourself

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This is easier said than done for sure, as your baby needs all of your time at such a young and delicate age. But you need to chalk out a little bit of your time to yourself each day. A quick jog or a hot bubble bath or anything else you like can be de-stressing.

6. Take a dip in the pool with your kid

That is if you know how to swim! If you do know how to, this can turn into a great bonding activity for you and your baby. And don’t worry about making your child swim as they are natural swimmers by birth! Besides, you’ll master the skill of holding your baby in the most careful ways possible!

7. Visit the zoo

You can even take your baby to a farm if you have access to that kind of thing. If you don’t, your city’s old zoo will do just fine. A visit to the zoo can be a great learning experience for your child and they will be fascinated by the wildlife around them.

8. Be silly with your baby

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Don’t hold back on those silly voices, songs and dance even if others tell you to stop. Be silly if that makes your toddler smile through their little toothy grin.

9. Keep a record of all memories

You could have a journal, a photo album or even a blog! Just make sure you have a record of all those precious memories as you’ll cherish them for life.

10. Take a baby sensory class

This will prove to be a great way of learning new things about your baby and how their senses react to their surroundings. So try to take out some time for one!

All of these ten activities can make baby-raising an overall joy despite the ups and downs that come your way. So make sure you do them all before your baby turns the Big One!

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