8 Things I Wish Somebody Had Told Me About C-Sections

Your due date is finally approaching. You had the last check up just a day before. The doctor advised getting admitted. Trepidation. Your mind and body suddenly shuns the confidence that was seeing through the pregnancy. Are you going to have the intense labor pain? Do you have the mettle to face it? Is it going to last long? All the cases and stories of other women will now start reeling through your mind. Wished there was an epidural meant for keeping out fear! The kind words from the doctor and nurses work only momentarily as they speak to keep your anxiety at bay. Nor do the modern facilities, and the glossy interiors of the hospital do their bit in making you feel like at home.

They will try inducing the pain, but if it goes in vain, your doc will rush you in for a C-section. Trust me. It certainly will be a huge relief. Having heard that woman scream the previous day, getting anesthetized and going under the surgeon’s knife will sound brilliant at this point of time.

And here are the things that you will realize just before, during and after the C-section and arrive at a conclusion. Scroll down for the verdict:

1. You Will Have To Do Nothing

There will be no struggle whatsoever. The needles of epidurals or anesthesia will seem like mere pricks in comparison to the punishment called labor. And then there will be a catheter inserted, so you will not have to bother about going to the loo in the middle of the operation (and for a couple of days after the operation)! Your hands and feet will be bound, so your shudders don’t come in the way of the doctor’s precision works.

2. It Will Be Freezing Cold

As if the temperature in operation theater can’t get any colder, an intravenous injection will only make you shudder more. You will be ‘vibrating’, rather! No wonder your body will have been clasped. This will be before you go numb.

3. Total Numbness

You will feel the gush of chillness moving up through the body, and suddenly everything goes numb. You will be able to see and hear. Thank goodness, they will have the screen placed before your eyes lest the incisions will freak you out. You will hear the surgeon asking if you can feel any prick or pinch. When it’s a ‘No,’ it’s time for them to get going.

4. You Will Be On Hordes Of Tablets

The giant tablets and capsules will help you heal soon and will relieve of pains. Don’t even think of skipping them one time. If you aren’t feeling the pain because the ultra powerful medicines mask the post-surgery pains, it doesn’t mean you have healed yet. You are not meant to be agile for the next few months!

5. Expressing Milk Can Be Hard Initially

Since C-sections are on the contrary to natural birthing, most women find low levels of their milk oozing out. They may even have to work harder to express milk. You can ask your doctor for medicines that help generate mother’s milk.

6. LOLs? Impossible

Laughing Out Loud isn’t permissible. Your restrained laughter might call for using emoticons instead of doing the real normal laughter. So if anyone around infuses some humor, stop sounding like you are singing Crazy Frog.

7. The Tickles Around The Incision Area Will Last

You will be healed. But you will feel the itches. You will want to scratch it like you have a scab. But it’s way under your skin – if you knew the layers. So you will be maneuvering your tummy and still not get at it. Don’t forget the cramps that may also last to remind you that you had a C-section.

8. And Here Comes The Verdict

You will find women very venerable every time you imagine the pain they can endure to give birth to the child they dearly love. Indeed, their love for the child supersedes the duration and the amount of the pain. Honestly, having had Caesarian section might not give the ‘pleasure’ of that pain, but then it’s quite a boon in alleviating the ordeal that women are made for.

Were you prepared for your C-section? Share your story with us!

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