5 Things Men And Women Can Do To Improve Your Chances Of Conceiving

5 Things Men And Women Can Do To Improve Your Chances Of Conceiving

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Conceiving a baby is not as easy and straightforward as it seems to be when you are planning for it. But you soon realize that this is not the case in reality. There are many couples who try for a long time but still struggle to conceive. And, in fact, it can even take a lot of time for a couple who is perfectly fertile too. While you can’t control any bit of the process, you can still incorporate some lifestyle changes to help move the process along a little more quickly. These changes might help by improving the chances of your conception. And, this goes for both you and your partner. After all, the pressure should not lie only on one person. Here, we bring you some of those tips:

1. Get The Timing Right

Get The Timing Right

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One of the biggest things that prevent a couple from getting pregnant is them not indulging in lovemaking at the correct time. So, it is essential that the woman properly calculates her ovulation time or the time that she is going to be most fertile. While most women are aware of the importance of ovulation to get pregnant, they end up waiting until the exact date to make love. But, the reality is that you might be bypassing your most fertile window if you wait for that since the eggs stay viable for only up to 24 hours after ovulation. So, many people advice to start indulging in lovemaking almost five days before and two-three days after your exact ovulation date (1).

2. Steer Away From Drug And Tobacco Consumption

Steer Away From Drug And Tobacco Consumption

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Smoking might result in fertility issues in both women and men. Experiments conducted on animals show that the nicotine can inhibit the sperm production and also affect the size of the testicles. On the other hand, it shows that tobacco can affect a woman’s cervical mucus, making it harder for the sperm to reach the egg. Marijuana is also known to have harmful effects. It can disrupt the ovulation cycle of a woman and reduce both the quality of sperm and the sperm count in a man (2).

3. Make Positive Lifestyle Decisions Well In Advance

Make Positive Lifestyle Decisions Well In Advance

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It is important for both men and women to start incorporating positive lifestyle changes into their routine well in advance. For men, it can be anything from improvement in diet and consumption of the right supplements to regular exercise. In fact, wearing a loose underwear can also make a huge difference when it comes to men (3). And, for women, it can be having a proper well-balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and ensuring that you have the required vitamins and minerals. This will drastically help you maximize your chances of hearing the good news soon.

4. Actually, Enjoy The Lovemaking

Actually, Enjoy The Lovemaking

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Since pregnancy is largely dependent on the monthly cycle of a woman, it can indeed feel that lovemaking has become sort of a regimented activity. So, while we understand that timing is everything, nothing can take the fun out of the process as much as treating it as a routine. In fact, a lot of men might even feel the pressure if summoned to the task without any prior build-up. And, that can make conceiving even more difficult. So, try to keep it as fun and passionate as possible. It is alright if it takes a little more time than expected.

5. Don’t Put Unnecessary Pressure On Yourself

Don't Put Unnecessary Pressure On Yourself

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This one is the golden rule! So, keep it in mind for sure – remember to live in the moment and cherish the togetherness. While it is good to do all the research and be up-to-date about everything when it comes to fertility, it is equally important to understand that things work differently for each couple. So, always make an informed choice. So, there is no need to drop everything to ensure conception as it can make the journey much less fun. Pick the important things and just incorporate those tips into your life. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Just incorporate these suggestions into your life and see the difference that it makes. We, at MomJunction, hope that you hear the good news really soon. Good luck!

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