9 Things Mums Should Know About Being Pregnant In The Summer

Things Mums Should Know About Being Pregnant In The Summer

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Think summer and things like school holidays, family outings, and delicious tender coconuts at the beach come to your mind. Not to forget, the adorable flowery summer dresses which are an absolute must-have. However, these – and many such regular summer stuff – may not spell quite the same for heavily pregnant women. The growing belly, hormonal upheavals, and that bit of extra fat make summers anything but fun for them. Here’s a list of things that you can expect if you are pregnant this summer:

1. Summer Clothes That Won’t Fit

Summer Clothes

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Who doesn’t love summer clothes? They are light, often flowery, and feel extremely gentle on your skin during the scorching heat. We’re sure you too must be owning at least one pair of that pretty summer dress in a pastel shade. But then, as you’d have discovered by now, it won’t fit you anymore. But don’t lose heart. You can always get a bigger size for yourself!

2. The Perfect Tan? Not Anymore

The Perfect Tan

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Remember those times when you’d venture out and come back with a neat suntan? Well, say goodbye to them now for you might actually get a ‘pregnancy mask’! Also called melasma or chloasma, it causes blotchy, dark spots on your face, especially on the forehead and cheeks. This is due to the increase in hormone production which causes this pigmentation (1).

3. Sleep Will Play Hide And Seek

Sleep Will Play Hide

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As it is, finding the right position to sleep in will be difficult during pregnancy as your belly grows. And the excessive heat will only make it worse, because – it’s so damn hot!! Maybe it’s the right time to buy that cooler or AC you were thinking of getting for a while now.

4. Frequent Urge To Pee

Frequent Urge

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Frequent urination is normal during pregnancy (2). As your thirst goes to the next level during summer, you’ll end up consuming more fluids and water. All this will only increase the frequency of your visits to the loo.

5. More Cravings For Ice Creams

More Cravings

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We all know about the notorious pregnancy cravings. But the only good thing about them during summer is you’ll probably crave for the same thing – ice creams. With the scorching heat above your head, your pregnant body will crave more and more for ice creams, bringing out the child in you (pun intended)!

6. No More Dip In The Pool

No More Dip

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With a growing belly and a sensitive skin, you will not be able to shave your legs anymore. And bikini waxes will certainly be out of the question too. This means that when the rest of your family goes for those family picnics and summer dips in the pool, you’d prefer to stay put on your sundeck. At the most, you might simply dip your legs in the water!

7. A Constant No-Show At Weddings

Constant No-Show At Weddings

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Whether it’s those bachelorette parties or family weddings, you’ll constantly remain a no-show. And why wouldn’t you? It sure is hard to sit around doing nearly nothing when the rest of the gang indulges in all the fun and dancing. And let’s not forget the cocktails which will be totally out of bounds for you!

8. Chafed Thighs

Chafed Thighs

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Sweating during summers is quite natural. But your big belly will cause the sweat to accumulate in between your thighs. As your thighs rub against each other, the excessive wetness will lead to chafing and rashes on your thighs. Wear some cotton shorts under your dresses. Apply some mild talc to help absorb the wetness between your thighs, but do check with your doctor for a recommendation.

9. Irritation To The Next Level

Irritation To The Next Level

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The usual hormonal upheavals during pregnancy will leave you over the edge. Add to this, the sweltering heat and sweating will make you irritated and snappy. A warm shower and frequent change of clothes should help you calm down easily.

We’re sure most of you soon-to-be moms would have already nodded in agreement while reading this list. If you too are pregnant this summer, do share with us what you’ve been experiencing and how you are dealing with it. You never know, it just might end up helping another fellow expectant mom!

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