7 Things Not To Do After Giving Birth

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If your baby has arrived, many many congratulations to you. You must be on cloud nine right now and all you might want to do is hold your little one in your arms. But, family members and friends alike will be constantly reminding you of the things that you can and can’t do during this phase. With so much advice pouring in, we understand that it can get quite confusing for you. So, today, we, at MomJuction, will be focusing on the things that you aren’t supposed to do after giving birth. Stay tuned and keep reading:

1. Don’t Forget Eating


Now that your baby is here, you must be breastfeeding. And, if the delivery is recent, you will also be in the recovery phase. This is the time when you should be getting all the nutrients that you can. So, even if the post-pregnancy weight gain scares you, wait for some time before you start dieting. For now, eat healthily and just ensure that you get all the adequate nutrition.

2. Don’t Tidy Up When Your Little One Is Off To Sleep


It might be a natural instinct for you to start cleaning up as soon as your baby takes a nap. After all, you have been used to seeing a much tidier home. And, that may not be the case for some time now with all the baby stuff lying around. But, try not to do that. You have just undergone a huge procedure and you need to give your body some time to recover. So, when your little one rests, you also try to unwind.

3. Don’t Replace Your Sleep Time With Anything Else


With the number of responsibilities on your platter, you might get stressed about taking care of all the unfinished business during your sleep time. But, when you do get a chance to catch some sleep, don’t let the opportunity pass, especially if your munchkin is also sleeping. Denying yourself of the much-deserved sleep may leave you pretty exhausted and tired.

4. Don’t Think That Breastfeeding Will Come Naturally To You


Since breastfeeding is such a natural process, many of you may think that it will be second nature to you. But, the fact remains that even breastfeeding needs some practice to get perfect. So, thinking that it will be easy-breezy might make you feel unnecessarily stressed if you aren’t able to get it right in the first go. Take your time, practice the latch, and all will be fine.

5. Don’t Do Any Heavy Lifting


You are still in your postpartum phase and your muscles are still recovering. You might feel like a superwoman and think that you can do all the heavy lifting by yourself. But, if you need help with something, don’t hesitate and ask for it as you may end up doing more damage than good. During this phase, everyone is more than willing to help you out.

6. Don’t Let Anybody And Everybody Come Visit In The Initial Few Days


We do understand that everyone must be curious and would love to know who your little one has gone after. But, in the initial few days, your little one’s immune system can be pretty delicate. So, streamline the visitors who come. And, try to keep it to only the close ones for the first few days.

7. Don’t Go For Tight Clothes


While you might be tempted to get back into the groove and wear all the trendy clothes, try not to do that. As discussed, your body is recovering and needs its breathing space. So, go for loose clothing instead. You can’t deny the comfort that comes with it, can you?

These are just a few basic tips that you can incorporate in your life to ensure a smooth recovery. Can you think of any other suggestions? If yes, do share with us in the comments section below. Good luck, mommies!

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