11 Things Only Moms Of Twins Understand

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If you are a mom of twins, this is something you are definitely going to want to read. Raising multiple kids is no joke and nobody knows it better than you do. Though it’s nice to have people be fascinated by your two creations, there are also some things you can do without. Here we list down 11 things every mum of twins can understand or relate to.

1. People Are Always Curious About How You Conceived Your Bundles Of Joy


‘Twins? Oh, My God, how did you manage to do that?’ People are fascinated about your babies and there is no end to it. But the truth is, they really want to if you did it the old fashioned way or opted for some fertility treatments such as IVF.

2. You Start Purchasing Maternity Clothes Way Before Anyone Else

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Your belly starts showing before anyone else’s and people are constantly asking you when your due date is because you look you will give birth any day now. And it also means time for some maternity shopping!

3. If Your Babies Are Identical, You Are The Only Person Who Could Identify Them


Telling them apart is something only you could do. Though all your friends, relatives, and colleagues would desperately want to acquire this skill of yours, it’s a mommy thing.

4. The Term Exhausted Has A New Meaning In Your Dictionary

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Remember how you would laugh at your single friends when they tell you how tired they are? Being a mother of two babies, you can never really relate to even other parents. Because truth be told, they have no idea what you are going through.

5. Making Costumes For Halloween Is Fun….Until They Are Old Enough To Make Their Own Choices

Dressing them up in matching costumes or as a pair is all fun until they are old enough to make these decisions for themselves. They will come up with some fancy ideas with intricate designs and elaborate works only to cancel at the last minute.

6. Getting Through A Doorway Is Your Worst Nightmare

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Taking the babies out of the car seats, walking to the door, and then making a fool of yourself trying to open the door will make you realize never to take doorways for granted. And you will also have a newfound appreciation for automatic doors.

7. Sharing Is Caring… But Not For Kids


Don’t make the mistake of letting your babies share a toy or even chocolate. For now, it’s best to buy the two of everything. And be careful to buy the EXACT SAME THING if you don’t want to spend the next 30 minutes trying to calm a hysterical toddler and explaining it to them that red is not better than blue.

8. You Need To Be Alert All The Time


Remember how Pheobe had a hard time babysitting the triplets? Babies have a way of vanishing or surprising you if you lose track of them even for a second.

9. You Feel No Sympathy For Mothers With One Baby During The First Few Years

You understand that motherhood is tough whether you have one baby or two. But somehow you can’t bear to hear another story of a mom having no time to eat, sleep or shower because of how her baby kept her busy.

10. Your House Is A Party

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Having two kids at home, your house is always going to be loud. From two babies crying at the same time to later fighting over telling the one incident that happened at their school at the same time, it’s always really loud. Hey, but the upside is that you will never have a dull moment.

11. You Realize That You Can’t Constantly Be There For Them At The Same Time

And if that means that one baby has to cry while you are tending to the other, then so be it. Though you may feel guilty of doing this at first, you will soon be completely okay trying not to be a supermom… Because you already are! Squeezing out two babies through a tiny hole and breastfeeding them and constantly being there for them is something you’ve already pulled off.

A big shoutout to all the mommies of twins!

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