5 Things Parents Rarely Do That You Should Swear By

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Parenting, as we all know, is the hardest job on the planet. Children, especially newborns can be quite taxing. Taking care of them is like a full-time occupation. There’s endless feeding sessions, the diaper changes, the sleepless nights, burping, cleaning and cuddling. And the list goes on. It’s to keep track of everything you’re doing and everything you’re supposed to do. Sometimes, what works best are a few unconventional tricks to make life easier for parents. So, here are a few things that parents rarely do for their baby’s health but really should.

1. Reflexology As Stress Relief And To Improve Health

Reflexology As Stress Relief And To Improve

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There are many added benefits to massaging your baby’s feet as there are different areas of the feet and toes that you can massage or press that can alleviate certain ailments connected to the area. Doing basic movements on your baby’s feet will work wonders for them. You can gently press down on the tip of their toes in case of problems related to the sinuses. Massaging right below the toes is great for your baby’s chest. If you want to make their upper abdomen happy, massaging the center of your baby’s feet. Shift slightly lower to activate their lower abdomen as well. Massaging the soles of your baby’s feet will benefit their pelvis area. The end of their heel is what is known as the mother earth area. Stimulating it will give your baby a sense of grounding, safety, and comfort, helping them relax immediately.

2. Tummy Time

Tummy Time

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Babies as young as a couple of weeks old can and should start spending a small amount of time on their stomachs more popularly known as tummy time. Tummy time is great in order to prevent your baby from getting any flat spots but it has more benefits than just a round head. Tummy time is important as it helps your baby build the strength they need in order to sit up, crawl, walk or even just roll over. It makes a huge difference in development as it gives your baby a chance to exercise their upper body muscles and aids in motor development. How fast your baby picks up on skills like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking and wiggling are affected by how much tummy time they get.

3. Drive With Your Baby To Help Them Sleep

Drive With Your Baby

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If you haven’t taken your baby out on a drive to put them to sleep, you haven’t yet unlocked your car’s superpower! Driving your baby to sleep actually works and parents should do it more often. The motion of a moving car works as a lullaby for babies, somewhat mimicking the motion of being in the womb. This will make your baby feel secure and safe like they did when they were in their mother’s belly. So, the next time your baby is giving you a hard time falling asleep, go on a nice long drive or do a couple of loops around your neighborhood until they doze off.

4. White Noise To Calm The Baby Down And Put Them To Sleep

White Noise To Calm The Baby

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White noise is an extremely helpful tool to calm your cranky baby or put your baby to sleep. This is because it sounds very close to the sound of blood rushing in the mother’s veins which your baby would have been accustomed to hearing in your womb. Finding the right kind of noise to smooth your baby might be your answer to putting them to sleep.

But you don’t need to invest in a white noise machine to sample the benefits of white noise. Even something as simple as turning your fan on to medium speed or switching on a white noise audio on your phone can work its magic and help calm your fussy baby. If your baby sleeps to the sound of the vacuum or the washing machine, go ahead and play it on a loop. Anything to keep your baby down.

Baking Soda Mix For Bug Bites

Baking Soda Mix For Bug Bites

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Your child is bound to get bitten by a mosquito or other unfriendly bugs while they’re out playing. One way to minimize the swelling and make sure they aren’t constantly scratching, is to apply a baking soda mix onto the bite mark. This simple paste made out of baking soda and water can relieve your child of pain. The alkaline soda neutralizes and eases the acidic swelling. Just keep it on for a couple of minutes and wipe it clean with a cotton pad dipped in water.

Taking care of the kids doesn’t have to be a chore. With a few lesser known tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to deal with the most daunting situations. So, which of these tips surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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