5 Things Parents Should Teach Their Kids to Protect Them From Abduction

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As much as you’d like to convince yourself that the world is a good place, it harbors many dangers for your child. One of those dangers is abduction and unfortunately it happens way more often than you’d think. Parents spend so much of their time doting on their little ones and ensuring that they are safe. But you can’t keep them confined to the house or your company alone forever. Eventually they are going to go to school, make friends and have a life of their own. And although you can’t be with them every second of the day there are a few important things you can teach your child to protect them from being abducted. These precautions are sure to keep your child safe and you stress free. Read on to know them all!

1. Danger Doesn’t Always Come From A Stranger

Danger Doesn’t Always Come From A Stranger

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We often use the term “boogeyman” or “bad man” as a way to warn our children against talking to strangers. But sometimes it’s people that are well known to you that can be a danger to your kids. It may be hard for your child to figure out who is a stranger and who they can trust. But you must make sure they understand that sometimes the people who can hurt them may not be scary looking and can have a friendly face instead. A stranger can appear nice and friendly as well. In fact, it’s more often that children are abducted by someone they actually know and wouldn’t consider a stranger. So take measures to draw clear boundaries for your children. This way if any adult is going out of line, your child will recognize the potential threat and seek help immediately.

2. Who Can Your Child Consider A Safe Adult

Who Can Your Child Consider A Safe Adult

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Your child might find it hard to gauge who they can trust and who to keep a safe distance from. So, make them a list to make things easier for them. This may consist of those neighbors, relatives and friends whom you are comfortable with and trust with your child’s life and safety. Then you can highlight who is allowed to pick your child up from school in case of an emergency or who your children can let into the house when they are home alone. Setting these clear cut parameters will help your child stay safe. You can even pick out a code word that only you, your child and the safe people know. This will help your child understand who they can trust.

3. Run In The Opposite Direction Of The Car

Run In The Opposite Direction Of The Car

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This is a very important precaution to teach your kids. If they are ever followed by someone driving a car or any vehicle for that matter, ask your child to run in the opposite direction. That way the car will have to turn around and your child will have more time to run away and find help.

4. Look For A Mom With Kids

Look For A Mom With Kids

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If by any chance your child is lost and can’t find you or any of the safe people from their list, tell them to find a mom with kids. You can be sure that they are the safest bet to help your child out. They can also approach an officer but your child is more likely to find a mother with kids than a police officer out in the park or at the mall.

5. Let Others Know That You Need Help And Break Things To Get Attention

Let Others Know That You Need Help And Break Things To Get Attention

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Children often throw tantrums in public so a screaming child may not be enough to draw attention or warrant intervention. Tell your child to call out for help if they are in danger. Ask them to scream out something that would alarm others, like “Leave me alone! I don’t know you!” or “Who are you? Help!”. This will clearly indicate that they are in trouble and someone will step in to help your child.

If screaming isn’t enough and your child needs to be able to attract more attention, tell them it’s okay to be destructive. For example, they could knock things off the shelf if they’re in a store, or break a car window with a rock. This will alert others, even if they are not close by, that something is amiss and draw them closer. The point is to teach your kids that it is okay to cause a scene and get help if someone is trying to abduct them.

It’s scary to think that someone out there may have ill intentions towards your little one. But it’s better to be prepared and safe than sorry. So you should take every precaution to ensure that your children know what to do if they ever find themselves in this unfortunate situation. Remember, knowledge is power. So make sure your child knows these tricks in order to keep themselves safe at all times!

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