11 Things Parents Worry About Every Day, That Will Be Okay

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Children bring parents immeasurable joy. With every milestone that a child crosses, the pride, happiness, and excitement that a parent experiences cannot be replaced. The first time you hold your newborn in your arms, the first words they utter (even if it’s gibberish), their first step, and their first day of school are moments that will be etched in your memory forever. It doesn’t stop there. After they grow up, you look forward to their first prom, graduation day, and wedding day with anticipation and hope. You live for these moments. But, as much as your kids bring you joy, they also make you worry. You worry about countless things once you have children, and the list gets bigger with time. But we are here to tell you that you are not alone. Scroll down to read 11 things that every parent worries about every day:

1. Being Able To Afford Everything Your Child Wants/Needs

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Financial stability is a huge factor when you decide to have kids. Apart from education and health care, which are not cheap, you worry about the things your kid might want/need and cannot provide because you are not making enough money.

2. Dealing With Fussy Eaters


You prepare baby food with a lot of love and care, feed your fussy baby by coaxing and telling them stories to distract them, only to have them throw up and create a mess. If this sounds like your every day, we truly are sorry for you.

3. Passing The Test Of Patience

There is no denying that raising kids requires a lot of patience. A lot. You worry about when you will lose your cool and scream at your kid who ate the dog treats for the tenth time this month.

4. Maintaining A Clean House

If you are someone who likes keeping things clean, tidy and in place, you can say goodbye to it once you have kids. All your time goes away in catering to your baby’s needs that you barely have any time to clean up your house, do the laundry, and get that cabinet door fixed.

5. Stopping Your Kids From Using Bad Language


Even if you ensure that you don’t use cuss words around your kids, they are bound to pick up a few from their friends, television, and the internet. You cannot stop them from swearing at an uncle who annoys them or an aunt who hugs and kisses them too much.

6. Dealing With An Ill Child

There is nothing scarier for a parent than when their child falls ill. It could be the common cold, flu, or an upset stomach, but every time your kid falls sick, you worry and pray to all the gods you know to get them well immediately.

7. Getting Your Child To Do Their Homework

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You finally know what your parents went through when they tried to get you to do your homework every day. You were not easy, and your kid is worse. You come up with creative solutions to get your kids excited about homework and fail every time. You have our sympathies, dear parents.

8. Dealing With Tantrums


How many times have you wished that you could throw a temper tantrum like your kids do? As much as you feel like it, you have to be calm and composed on the outside and deal with a kid who lies on the road and cries. *Sigh*

9. Worrying About Your Parenting Abilities

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It’s common to worry about if you’re doing the right thing for your children. Are you teaching them the right values, setting an example, and being their role model? It’s a lot of pressure, we understand! Don’t worry, you are not alone, and things will pan out quite alright (unless you are not good enough, JK).

10. Sibling Rivalry

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Oh, this is a big one! Do you interfere or let them resolve their fights? At what point do you tell them to cut it out? Is this how they bond? These are nature’s great unanswered questions.

11. Knowing The Answers To All Your Children’s Questions


It’s almost impossible to know the answers to all their questions because your kid’s mind works in ways that might be difficult to comprehend. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just make sure you know the answers to the important ones.

You might feel that you’ve failed as parents when you kids do something that you don’t approve of but don’t be too hard on yourself. Kids will be kids, and they are bound to make their own mistakes. But that’s not on you. You cannot control what they do, so don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy the little moments with your kids before they grow up into adults. Was this article relatable? Share it with your friends and let them know that they are not alone!

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