7 Things That Could Make Your Baby Hate You

Things That Could Make Your Baby Hate You

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Mommies out there, please don’t believe that your baby loves you back all the time. It is much before the onset of teen rebellion. We are talking about the times when you baby is still a baby. Most of the dislike happens because of the things you do to your baby apart from all the pampering and going coo-chi-coo. Here are ten times when your baby would dislike you:

1. When Your Wipe Your Baby’s Mouth After Its Feed:

Sure, it is not a great idea to let smear stay in your baby’s mouth. Not only does it look messy and dirty, but your baby doesn’t develop the instinct of cleaning up his mouth as he grows. But when you wipe your baby’s mouth, it comes with a little protest with him turning his head sideways or flapping his hand in an attempt to shoo you away, but baby, you gotta look neat!

2. When You Try Laying Your Baby For A Bath Or A Massage:

It takes babies quite a while to get used to their massage or bathing sessions. So when you try to lay them in the tub, they would rise again, as if it’s an involuntary reflex. They need a lot of cajoling into lying in the first place, and God, do they scream or what?

3. When You Don’t Share With Your Baby What She Shouldn’t Have:

You baby has the natural urge to eat what you are eating. But most of the times things are just not suitable for your little one’s digestive system – lest the God forbidden allergies show up. How about peanuts? Nope. You don’t want to risk peanut allergies or a tummy ache or worse. Of course, your baby hates you for not sharing your food, but it’s worth it!

4. When You Try Making Your Baby Stand Up When He Still Does Not Have Strength In The Knees:

This is one of the worst mistakes parents/people often make. Your baby cannot keep his legs straight – they still tend to curl a bit because the ligaments and muscles are not strong enough to make them stand erect, yet. So making your baby stand can be quite a discomfort to it.

5. When You Taking Out Stuff From Your Baby’s Mouth:

Your baby loves to pick stuff off the floor and put it in his mouth instantly. It is his way of exploring a new thing. It could be tiny spec from the carpet, a coin, a toy, or just about anything. And no sooner do you catch him doing so, than you rush to pull it off the mouth. It comes as a great defeat in your baby’s sense, and he hates the feeling of a someone groping about in his mouth and taking that wicked stuff out.

6. Counting His New Teeth:

Babies wouldn’t spare you when you come to count your baby’s teeth. They do get sick when they are teething. But they find it even more disgusting when someone opens their mouths to look at how many teeth they have developed or are yet to grow.

7. When You Try Putting Your Baby To Sleep:

If your baby has had its snooze already, it might not be easy for him to fall asleep soon in the night. Or if your baby is up to some mischief, he might still not be able to fall asleep. You try hard. You sing lullabies that start getting worse in tune and pitch as your baby refuses to sleep. You almost give up, but the adamant you get the more your baby hates to be subdued at the end of it all.

These were but just a few examples of the times when you baby might hate you. Just be gentle with it when it comes to dealing on these terms and you should still be fine!