4 Things To Do Before Your Baby Turns 1

Just the other day you were busy planning the birth and arrival of your little bundle of joy and now they are close to their first birthday. Time flies when you spend your days caring for and cuddling your precious little one, but these are the moments that you are going to want to hold onto forever. The first year in your baby’s life is special not only to them but to you too. You and your baby have grown together and have formed a bond. You went from sleepless nights and midnight feeds to having them try solids and watching them take their first steps. Once babies approach the 1 year mark, they will start walking and talking like a little person! And although that’s exciting to see, we’re sure that you are going to miss the intimate baby moments you’ll never have again. So, here are a couple of things you absolutely have to do before your baby turns 1!

1. Get Rid Of The Baby Toys

Get Rid Of The Baby Toys

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You might have spent a fortune on them but your baby’s interest in multisensory crinkle toys is dying. And soon they won’t be amused by them at all. As they step into the shoes of a toddler, they will seek toys that are more challenging and interesting to engage with. So the hanging rattle on the car seat won’t make the cut for much longer. One thing you can do to prepare yourself and your baby for this new phase of life is to start packing up the toys. You can put them in storage if you’re planning on having another baby or donate them.

However, make sure not to get rid of all of them. There are some toys that your child may have a sentimental attachment to and still show interest in. This can be their very first plush toy or cause and effect toys that they will find more stimulating now that they know how it works. Anything with buttons to push or toys that play music will be endlessly entertaining to them So gear up to listen to ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on repeat.

2. Toddler Proof Your Home

Toddler Proof Your Home

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If you thought baby proofing was bad, boy do we have news for you! If your baby hasn’t found a way to get into everything in your house, cabinets, doors and cereal boxes, they will now. Toddlers are extremely curious about the world around them and want to investigate everything. And now they will have the ability to do so. Once your baby starts crawling, walking and running, it is hard to get a hold of them. And looking out for them is a full time job. This is why it’s best to toddler proof the house. You can install locks on doors and cabinets, put away fragile items, keep sharp objects far away from their reach and limit their access to dangerous areas like the kitchen counter where the knives are kept or the space in the garage that holds your tool box.

3. Wean Them Off The Pacifier

Wean Them Off The Pacifier

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The pacifier might have been your partner in crime in keeping your baby occupied or keeping them from crying, but it’s time for them to go. You don’t want your baby to be dependent on any external item to calm them down or soothe them. Thankfully the use of the pacifier is an easier habit to stop than thumb sucking. Your newborn had a sucking reflex needed to be satisfied by sucking on a constant basis. But now that they are no longer infants, the pacifier can retire.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait to take the pacifier away the harder it will be for your baby to wean off of it. As they grow their sucking reflex subsides but they may become dependent on the pacifier. So dealing with them when they throw a tantrum will become harder without it in sight.

4. Sleep In Their Own Room

Sleep In Their Own Room

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If your child has been sharing your room with you or your bed, it’s time to start thinking of transitioning them into their own space. This is both healthy for you and your baby. Your little one needs to take small steps into independence. This can start with small acts like learning to brush their teeth, pick out their clothes and most importantly, falling and staying asleep alone. This is a great milestone in your parenting journey as you get some of your personal space back as well. Every family has their own way of making their transition to separate rooms and beds which is perfectly fine. As long as the goal is achieved!

Your little one turning 1 can bring out a lot of emotions and that’s okay. It may be hard to keep track of everything you need to do to prepare them for this milestone. We hope this list helps you identify some simple things to do before your baby’s big day!

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