6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Becoming Parents

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Well, if you already see the two bright red lines on the pregnancy test, it might be a little late to evaluate if you’re ready to be a parent. However, couples who’re still in the honeymoon phase can take their time in figuring out the “right time” to have a baby. As difficult as it is, this decision is life-changing for any couple and hence needs to be thought through (1).

So, how can you tell if you and your partner are prepared to take on such an incredible yet challenging responsibility?

1. Having A Kid Is A Shared Choice

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The foremost thing that you would want to ensure is that your child is born out of a shared decision based on mutual respect for each other. Of course, you wouldn’t want to raise a baby with someone who doesn’t really want to have one, or the baby would grow up thinking that nobody wants them. Hence, talk to your partner in detail about deciding to have a kid before you have one.

2. A Baby Will Not Solve Family Issues

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We don’t disagree that sometimes a baby might help “seal the cracks” in a relationship, by being the centre of attention and making couples forget about their fights. But this should not be a reason to have a baby. Every child deserves to be in a family where there is happiness and with parents who know how to resolve their issues on their own.

3. Be Reasonable About Your Abilities As A Parent

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No parent can call themselves carefree; it is a rarity. Amongst the constant nappy-changing, feeding, and caretaking, you are bound to get exhausted and might even question your abilities. But don’t be sad before you have even begun. Instead of worrying about how the baby’s photos will turn out on social media, make peace with your little imperfections and focus on working on your errors.

4. Plan Your Finances Well

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Before you embark on the journey of becoming parents, it is essential to be aware of how financially equipped you are. Your future baby might require expenses that even surpass our current salary. So, go ahead and bring out the bank statements and start calculating (2).

5. Pregnancy Is Not Your Nightmare

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While there is no denying that the amount of anxiety and worries are high, pregnancy is not a nightmare either. Women might have a fear of gaining weight. Well, you can exercise to remedy that. To the men who are scared at the thought of handling mood swings, remember it’s your support that’ll calm your partner. All you require to have a baby is a healthy partnership. Don’t over think situations in your head.

6. You Are Ready To Grow As A Parent

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Let’s face it – babies are unpredictable. They might be crying one moment and hysterically laughing the other. There no switch for you to control those emotions. So, you will have to adapt to the situation as it comes. When things go out of hand, it is your maturity that will get you in the direction and enable to give your child the ideal care.

We’ve all heard the terrible stories about growing old alone without anyone by your side to even bring a glass of water or get you a couple of socks. But, remember, having a child is a choice made by you, and you, alone. Don’t go by old wives’ tales or have a child just for the heck of it. Carefully consider your desires and aspirations. In case you’re still apprehensive, then take a back seat, relax a little and wait until the idea excites both of you.

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