7 Things Toddlers Say Loudly In Quiet Public Bathrooms

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Toddlers and public bathrooms are terrible duos. While you have to be watchful that your toddler doesn’t touch the sanitary bowel bin or the toilet seat, you also have to be careful what’s coming out of their mouths. But the thing with words is that before you can stop them, they have already blurted out those words that will leave you red and embarrassed in a public bathroom. Here are 10 things toddlers say in a quiet public bathroom.

1. I Think Somebody Did A Smelly Poop


If anybody was planning on doing a sneaky poop in the bathroom, not gonna happen when your toddler is around. Toddlers are like puppies when it comes to smelling poop. They can smell it in a 100-mile radius. While some of us are polite not to mention it, your toddler takes her poop patrol duty very seriously. For all we know, she could be screaming it from the rooftops right now.

2. I Did A Huge Poopy In The Toilet


Your toddler loves to explain their big achievement loudly in a public bathroom. They love talking about poop in public and would even give you a live commentary while they are doing it. And if they have taken a huge dump, it is definitely worth mentioning for them. And who knows, they might even be waiting for a round of applause. And not just that, they would love to get into the details of how long it took them, how it smelled, and how many times they did it.

3. Hiiiiii!


‘Hi’ might seem like a good thing to say when you are in a public bathroom. Your toddler is kind and polite even if it is to a stranger. But not when they utter the word by sneaking in through the partition wall to the other cubicle. And let’s not think about how extremely close your toddler’s face is to the bathroom floor which doesn’t look clean one bit.

4. Mama, You Make Funny Poop Faces


They love embarrassing you in public places. And they say this even when you aren’t pooping or making any faces for that matter. But because your toddler saw your poop that one day a few weeks back, they won’t shut up about it now. So, when all you did was pee in that bathroom, your toddler would love bringing up that one instance that she saw you poop. And there’s no point denying because who would believe your word against your toddler’s? And now everybody thinks you did the smelly poop while also wondering how your poop face looks like.

5. Mama, Look, I Am Touching This


Toddlers have zero self-control. And don’t you dare say they can’t touch it. That will make them want to touch it even more. And they are going to touch it. And especially in public bathrooms, the last thing you want is your toddler touching something.

6. That Lady Didn’t Wash Her Dirty Hands


Even though your toddler wouldn’t wash their hands, they love pointing out when others make the same mistake. And your toddler can be the worst when they are morally outraged. Before you know it, they will be chasing them down, pointing their finger at the strange lady and declaring everyone in the room of the sin she has committed by not washing her hands. But guess what? You will be the one who will be the most embarrassed in the room.

7. Why Do You Have A Beard In Your Front?


That, right there is the definition of awkward. Though you are all in for body positivity, when your toddler asks you about your pubic hair, you are in a pickle. And let’s not mention all the strange and questionable looks you are about to receive from strangers.

Did you have any such encounters with your toddler in a public bathroom? What was your most embarrassing moment with your toddler? Let us know in the comment section below.

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