4 Things You Should Know About Your Early Pregnancy

There’s a lot of information out there about what a woman’s third trimester looks like, and how they must get ready for the birthing. And, as important as they are, it’s also just as important to soak in the first few months of pregnancy when you realize that everything is going to change. If you’re a soon-to-be-mom just realizing all the ways that pregnancy is changing you, don’t worry. Being overwhelmed with all the new hormonal changes is part and parcel of the little bean growing inside of you. However, there are a few things that you need to be forewarned about so that you know what to expect for the first months of your pregnancy. Want to know what they are, and how to handle them? Then keep on reading.

1. It’s Really Hard To Keep It A Secret

It’s Really Hard To Keep It A Secret

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No, we don’t mean that you are going to start showing right away. Usually, women go a good couple of months before their belly “pops” and the bump is truly noticeable. But keeping a huge secret like your pregnancy is a huge challenge. After all, this very well may be the most significant thing to happen to you and you can’t even tell the people you love. Your mom, your siblings and even your best friend. Keeping a secret from them can be stressful.

If you’d rather not wait and want to let everyone know right away then go ahead. But most parents are anxious to share the good news until the end of the first trimester, as this is the period where miscarriages are most common. So, if you’d prefer to keep your pregnancy between you and your partner for now, just know that this means coming up with quick answers to evade questions and sometimes outright lying. But it will all be worth it in the end and we’re sure your loved ones won’t hold it against you once your precious baby arrives!

2. Being Sober Over The Holidays Is A Chore

Being Sober Over The Holidays Is A Chore

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Finding out that you’re pregnant right before the holidays can be a bummer. Not only can you not partake in a good glass of wine or two, but everyone notices that you’re not drinking. This only leads to more questions and enquiries which can leave you feeling drained. But hiding in your bedroom all through the holidays is not the answer. So discuss a few strategies with your partner beforehand. Maybe you can take a glass and switch them with your partner’s finished one. Maybe you just tell everyone that you are on a food cleanse for health reasons, although this may mean that you skip dessert as well. And honestly, who wants to do that? You can also sneak in a bottle of cider and keep your glass full throughout the evening so that none asks to refill your glass with the real deal. Make sure to prepare yourself for a sober holiday season.

3. Anything Can Make You Cry

Anything Can Make You Cry

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Pregnancy hormones change your body, but they can also change your mind. And this means that even if you weren’t a particularly weepy person before your pregnancy, now just about anything can set you off. A sad commercial, the fact that you can’t find your favorite hair clip or not having the food you’re craving in your hands the second you start craving it. Anything can set off the waterworks. And that’s okay! It’s normal to be overwhelmed and on edge, especially during the first few months. Cry it out if it makes you feel better. If this only exhausts you physically and emotionally, then maybe try to stay away from sad songs and movies. Do things that make you cheerful instead. But remember, there’s nothing wrong with being emotional and teary while pregnant.

4. There Really Is A Baby In There

There Really Is A Baby In There

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It can be hard to comprehend that you are growing another life in your body during the first couple of weeks and months. After all, you don’t know the gender of your baby yet and you probably don’t look a whole lot different. So, it can be a while before you can truly comprehend that you are growing your child. It’s hard to grasp, and it’s okay to be mind-blown or in shock everytime you go for an ultrasound and actually see something in your belly. As your baby grows, you will start to feel more connected to it and things will start to get real. Doing things like nesting, picking out a name and talking to your belly will help you prepare for the arrival of your little one. But it’s okay if it’s all just a vague construct during early pregnancy.

Having a baby is an incredible journey. But pregnancy comes with ups and downs, especially in the early stages when everything seems so fragile and uncertain. But try to enjoy this time with all its little hiccups!

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