5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Children

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Isn’t parenting one of the toughest jobs ever? Not only does it involve you taking care of your little one’s physical needs, but you also need to make sure that they grow up to be good human beings. Doesn’t this sound like a lot of work? After all, there are tons of responsibilities which parenting brings to the table. With such big responsibilities comes immense pressure. One such responsibility is to ensure you communicate effectively with your kids. Being your little angels’ biggest role models, the things you tell them can make all the difference. It can shape the way they think, and in turn, their overall personalities. Keeping this in mind, there are instances when you might say something out of frustration, which can prove to be harmful to them in the long run. Here, we bring you some of those seemingly harmless phrases you might want to avoid:

1. When You Grow Older, You Will Learn About This


Kids are curious souls, aren’t they? And, if they want to know about something, they can be quite persuasive about it. But, at times, these questions might catch you off guard. And, may even make you feel uncomfortable. You might want to calm them down by saying that they will learn as they get older. But, don’t do that. In such scenarios, kids often turn to their peers or the internet to satisfy their curiosity. You can instead tell them that you need some time to answer their questions. Do your research, figure out a way to communicate, or even better, offer them the opportunity to learn together.

2. I Am Dieting


Body image issues can start pretty young for both girls and boys. And, parents are primarily the only role models that children have during this “growing” phase. If they hear you talk about your body weight insecurities and how you are not eating well since you want to lose weight, this might give your little ones the wrong idea. Instead, focus on making them understand the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly to stay fit.

3. I Keep Doing Everything For You


Once your kid is a little grown up, it is unlikely that you will be taking care of “everything” for them. Unfortunately, if you do end up saying something like this, your kids might feel guilty. In fact, they may feel that they are preventing you from having your own share of fun. It might stop them from having healthy, positive conversations with you even in their adult lives. Instead, target on what you specifically wish for them to do. If you want them to keep their toys in the right place, simply ask them to do so. Make sure that you let them know how happy you feel when you work as a team.

4. Big Kids Don’t Feel Frightened


Invalidating their theory about the monsters under the bed won’t do either of you any good. This may just embarrass the kids. They might also begin feeling ashamed about being scared. Rather, try to understand where their fears are coming from. Once you understand the root of what’s scaring them, demonstrate how there is nothing to be afraid of. Maybe, even check under the bed along with them. This will teach the kids how to face their fear when confronted with it.

5. Listen To Elders


Now, this one can do more harm than good. You might tell them to listen to adults keeping only you and your husband in mind. But, this may create an illusion in your kids’ mind that all adults are good and wise. However, we all know that this is not true. There are a few adults who might also want to harm children. So, make sure you specify what you mean by elders, be it parents or teachers.

Parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities. And, it might be scary. But, don’t get worried. Just keep working on building a healthy dialogue between you and your little angel. Good luck!

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