8 Things You Simply Can't Do When You Have A Baby

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Every mother-to-be has different perceptions of life after having a baby, and while she is mostly excited and nervous about the main event, she finds herself multitasking most of the times. Although having a baby is a blessing and one of the best things, the life after having a baby could be a mess. So, if you are a mother to be, then here are heads up points that might just be helpful.

Eating with two hands is a joke now!

We hope you had a good number of tasty satisfactory meals before you decided to carry that baby bump. Eating food is going to become a lot messier, now that you got a baby sitting on your lap, having his food with you. Rules of the game: No two hands for eating and no getting up all clean!

Me time is no time!

You can happily bid goodbye to the days when you would dress up with aa the fancy clothes and makeup before going out of the house. Now, you would be too busy and least bothered about how you look because your baby would demand so much from you. Oh! And not to forget, babies have a very bad timing when it comes to their poop.

Silence is dead

Forget about sitting in silence, your new motherhood won’t leave you with enough time to even think for a minute. No thoughts and no thinking. All you will find yourself doing is taking care of the baby. This would obvious mean that you can bid goodbye to introspection, reading, or anything else that meant peace to you.

Bathing with baby wipes!

Forget about all your opulent cream baths and shower gels. It will be a miracle if you could spend more than ten minutes in the shower alone. In spite of all the excessive sweating, baby spit, and milk spilled on you, no wonder that the only thing you get to clean yourself with, is a baby wipe.

Messy home, aye aye!

Agreed that you were a cleanliness freak before the baby, but now? All you can do about that filth and mess in your house is to stand over it and remember the good old days when you couldn’t stand to be in the middle of such clutter.

My dear phone is just a machine now

Loved talking on the phone or using apps? Well, you can happily accept that it’s going to be your baby’s favorite toy. Forget apologizing so all the missed calls as your baby will not let you take them and there won’t seem to be an end to them.

I could tell the story of each episode

Loved watching your TV series or reading a novel? There’s not going to be enough time for that now that you got your little baby demanding all your attention and time. Plus, when the baby is sleeping peacefully, you would be too busy finishing off your pending chores instead of splurging on a novel or TV show.

Tuesday? Wednesday? What day is it today?

Not only the days, even the time of the day seems to progress on its own, in a way that it is really hard for you to keep track of all of it.
Harsh pretty much? Worry not. Strap on the seat belt because motherhood is going to be one of the phases of your life. There will be a few hurdles because hurdles are everywhere, but it will be worth it!

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