This 9-Month-Old Baby Is Going Viral Thanks To Her Epic Hair

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Think of long, luscious hair and we are instantly reminded of Rapunzel. Every time we heard this fairy tale of the beautiful Rapunzel with her equally beautiful hair that could extend to the end of the tower she was imprisoned in, we turned green with envy. “I wish I had such hair” was our constant desire for a long time. And then, we’d eventually shrug it off saying “it happens only in fairy tales.” The fox and the sour grapes, did you say? Well maybe. But not anymore. Giving all of us lesser mortals a renewed sense of hope is this little social media star. Do you know what she is famous for? A full head of hair. And she’s all of 9 months now!

The Next Rising Star?

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If you are a social media regular, then you’d have guessed it by now. Yes, we’re talking about Baby Chanco, the new star on the social media block. This adorable little munchkin has already gathered lakhs of followers on her social media account in Instagram. And she’s going viral thanks to her head full of lush hair.

Born This Way

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We all know that babies are generally born with scant hair to no hair at all. Eventually, they do develop healthy hair. There are also certain babies who have a full head of fine hair. But Baby Chanco seems to be an exception of sorts. When she was born in December 2017, in Japan, she had the same luscious hair on her head, albeit a little shorter, that she sports now.

Take A ‘Bow’, Baby Chanco!

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Every picture of Baby Chanco, where her hair is styled differently each time, gets a huge number of lovable comments. People on social media admire her so much that they have even come to like those pretty little bows and baubles that she sports on her hair.


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There are times when Baby Chanco feels completely shy about getting clicked. If only she knew the extent of her popularity. Because even this picture brightened everyone’s day.

Me And My Gold(i) Locks

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Recently, another picture of hers became a point of curious discussion. Of course, it was about her hair, nevertheless. But this time, it was those blonde streaks that caught everyone’s attention. Many wondered if her hair had been subjected to the harsh hair-color treatment. However, that wasn’t the case. No one would do anything like that to their delicate angel, would they? As one Japanese follower pointed out, it is common for most of the Japanese infants to have blonde streaks. Well, time to visit Japan, shall we say?

Time For A Dip

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If you thought that Baby Chanco always needs to be dressed up to look her best, then you might be mistaken. Just like every parent who likes to capture each moment of their cute little baby, even Baby Chanco gets clicked randomly. But her cuteness quotient makes her adorable every time. Here, her mop of wet hair post a dip in the pool looks as cute as when they are dry, naturally!

And The Blow-Dry Effect

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From her wet hair to the blow-dried ones, she just rocks every style, doesn’t she? Here, she is all of 6 months and still looks the same even today.


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Sometimes her bushy mane looks similar to that of a Lion, in a cute way though. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this pic and decide for yourself who is cuter, the baby or the toy next to her!

I’m Loving It!

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And so are we. As Baby Chanco inches closer to her first birthday, we wish her the best in life. And may her legion of followers continue to grow. Amen!

We’re sure that these pictures have made you smile. In fact, this is probably the best thing that you might have seen today. Did we just hear a resounding ‘Yes’? Yes, it is! Even for us at MomJunction!

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