This Couple Is Happy Being Infertile!

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The internet is full of funny pregnancy announcements. Some of them make you grin; some look fab and with some you laugh your lungs out. Some get overly creative with their imminent parenthood. But how about those who are less fortunate to share such good news about themselves? We are talking about couples who are infertile and had no chance to do something wacky.

However, we have Whitney and Spencer Blake, 30, who have broken the stereotype.

Some three years ago they struggled with inexplicable infertility. On a road trip together, the two shared their feelings about hearing pregnancy announcements. That’s when they thought that they might as well create their infertility ‘announcements’. The two brainstormed through the trip in their car and what they created came as an interesting eye-opener.

They hit upon their ‘infertility announcements’ on their blog

It is quite a departure from rest of the pregnancy announcements doing the rounds. The couple based in Idaho intended solely at raising awareness about infertility as opposed to sending the announcements to friends or family. The two wanted to explore how it felt for those couples who had no happy announcements to make or share pregnancy news.

The reaction that the couple received to their blog and images has been quite positive, and several readers who had been struggling with infertility could relate with them. Spencer Blake says that sharing something so personal could make them susceptible, but receiving appreciation or comments from readers who are grateful to them to infuse some humor into a difficult situation makes them feel good.

Whitney Blake says that they were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. They had tried for three years with no medical intervention. But when their efforts failed, they chose to adopt children. The decision gave them the much-needed peace and they put a period to fertility treatments and instead are focusing on growing their family through adoption.

The Blakes adopted their first child eight months after receiving approval to adopt. Now the Blakes have a son Mason, who is 4. They have adopted tehir second son, Kellen two years ago, and he is now two years old.

Whitney says how she has come to appreciate the way her life has shaped up through infertility because if it were not for infertility her two boys would not have entered the couple’s lives. Now she can’t think about life without infertility because life would not have got the boys to them otherwise. She is grateful to their infertility in that it helped them form a family.

Whitney also adds that the best way to support infertility is by acknowledging their condition. She believes that to most, it is just enough to know that you care.