This Funny Video Tells How Pregnancy Can Be A Struggle

You can’t bend it like Beckham with that watermelon tummy, can you? Nor can you hide the sudden shrieks on your pregnant belly. What about the sudden cravings all the way to your gags? Or being an absent minded mom-to-be who still worries about her weight-gain! Imagine the battle that you will have to find the most suitable sleeping position, apart from the constant need of going to pee. And you are up most of the night staring at the walls. All of these come as part of your pregnancy challenges.

If you were to witness yet another typical day in the life of a pregnant woman, we could easily say she would refuse to spring out of her bed – consider the nausea she so much dreads. “Bed tea? Is it for me?” You will be doing a favor to put it out of her sight. But when she finally gets up, she can’t help but frown at her recently gathered acne plus the newly growing facial hair. Then there’s also the out of proportion body, and bloating. No way to feel pretty, right? Plus the discomfort with bleeding gums, backache, apart from the pubic pain. Could there be anything worse to hinder your day-to-day activities?

Mom Ester Anderson depicts some of these everyday challenges of pregnancy in her video. We bet you won’t miss the hilarity here:

We are sure it’s more to pregnancy woes than in Ester’s video. That is to say if you have more than certainly faked a pregnancy discomfort by placing a hand on your tummy because someone did not want to offer you the much deserved seat on a bus or subway. Or by nearly throwing up at a public place – if you were wise, you would have carried your puke bags.

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