This Hilarious 'Period-Zoned' Video Will Make EVERY Woman Laugh!

It’s that time of the month again! Well, even if it’s not, you know it’s going to be sooner or later. Aunt Flo will come knocking on your door again, like the almost unwelcome visitor she is. I say almost because you know you kind of want her to come (after all, it’s a sign that it’s all okay down there!),but you certainly don’t want all the emotional baggage that she brings with herself. Add those horrible cramps to it and it’s like a cherry on top!

It’s at this time that you end up wishing, ‘Why wasn’t I born a dude? Life would’ve been so much easier!’ And the sad bit is that no matter what you do, you just cannot stop your periods from happening. Except, of course, wait for menopause. Which means a sucky ‘between the sheets’ life and wrinkly skin. But still, no periods, right? Or maybe pregnancy, which is 9 months (and beyond) of a lot more trouble than 5 days of using a sanitary napkin or tampon, if you will!

So, is there nothing you can do?!

Well, apart from hogging down a giant bar of chocolate, how about this time you ignore the cramps (at least try to) and laugh a little?

If that seems too hard to do, wait till you watch this awesomely hilarious video made by Old Delhi Films – a bunch of cool guys who completely understand the pain you have to go through those 5 days each month.Which is why they’ve taken upon themselves the mission to let the world know all about it!

Titled ‘Problems of a girl on her PERIODS – PERIODZONED,’ this video is extremely relatable for all us driven-to-insanity-by-periods ladies. From the first second of it to its very last, every girl is going to be like ‘Wow, this is SO ME! ’while watching this video.

Without further ado, check out this amazingly REAL video from the house of Old Delhi Films that captures the story of every woman in just a little over 4 minutes:

Credit: Old Delhi Films [YouTube]

The video opens with a group of friends hanging out at a curiously titled ‘Jack & Chill Café’. From the very start, you can witness the girl’s discomfort, squirming and shifting incessantly to find the comfiest position to sit during that time of the month (isn’t that all of us?)

Watching her try so hard, her friends – a guy and a girl – ask her if she’s doing okay, and the guy cheekily asks her “teremahineykewoh din chalraheyhainkya?”

And that’s when the tirade begins! The lead girl wages the most sensible war of words you’ve ever heard! She touches upon every single problem we, period-stricken ladies, have faced – from not being able to go on trips as they have been planned right around your red dates to getting wingless pads when you specifically asked for winged ones! She even touches upon that very embarrassing moment of having a bloody stain on your butt pointed out by random people. Truly, the struggle of periods is way more real than people realize!

As you laugh out loud while watching this video, you’ll also end up wondering why there’s so much stigma surrounding something as completely natural as periods. The makers have taken up the brave task of helping to remove the stigma and confusion regarding this natural phenomenon and they’ve done a pretty good job by presenting it in a funny and oh-so-relatable way.

You know what they say – all’s well that ends well. And this video has a happy ending too, where the girl’s boyfriend finally comes to understand the pain and struggle she has to go through each month.

Share this video with your girlfriends as well as your guy friends to spread the LOLs and let every girl know that she’s not alone,while every guy learns that periods are indeed a tough time in every woman’s life.

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