This Hilarious Video Shows How Moms Can Beat Dads At Multitasking

Mothers are the best multitaskers there could be, and no one can beat that fact! In fact, they are so good that someone actually went on to agree with this. How? Well, they simply made a parody of the viral video of Robert Kelly and showed it to the world.

Last week, Robert Kelly, an American professor in South Korea, got famous, quite literally, because of his kids. This professor was in a Skype interview call with the BBC when both his kids stormed into his room. Of course, that left Kelly pretty flushed even as he tried to coax his daughter out of the room. What followed was his wife bursting through the door and running away with kids. And, yes, the entire thing got recorded live and was displayed all across the globe.

Taking a hint from it, and garnering more on the popularity of the video, New Zealand-based satirical news and entertainment show Jono and Ben decided to launch a parody of it. And how did they do it? Well, they simply put a woman on the job!

This time, a lady was interviewed on politics and seemed to be way comfortable in what she was doing. When her darling daughter casually strolled into the room, she just picked her up, put her on her lap, and made her drink some milk. Not flinching a bit, she even rattled a toy at her son who zoomed in on his stroller.

What followed next was hilarious.

Yes, indeed the lady cooked chicken, steam ironed a shirt, and….well, the interviewer exclaimed, “Oh my God, is that a bomb?”, as she casually diffused one to do the SWAT a tiny bit of help.

Of course, she rolled her eyes over her helpless husband (aren’t they always?).

This parody is true in many senses! It does go on to show how many things a woman can handle at the same time, and not flinch about it a bit.

Kelly and his wife Jung-a Kim, however, continue to be in the limelight. They are much thankful about what had happened as after the initial embarrassment passed, they became rock stars through the night. They were known in most nook and corners and then, the next best thing happened.

There was a family press conference discussing the viral video that hit the crowds and Kelly’s daughter Marion, who is only four years old, stole the show! Again! She had the most bored expression and sat with a lollipop in her mouth, as the media threw in questions at her and the family about the BBC interview and the overnight fame.

There was a family press conference discussing

Image: BBC News

Marion killed the press conference with her looks, and the internet went crazy with her attitude and pronounced her the President of the Earth!

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