This Is How Serena Accidentally Broke Her Pregnancy News

Image: Serena Willaims

Celebrities are full of news! Always! And whether most of the big deals of their lives happen by chance or are planned to let the public know is something that will remain a mystery. The recent events around Serena William’s pregnancy have been quite a thing. Though the news may not have broken the Internet, it did take it by storm – and why not?

We’re talking about ‘The’ Serena Williams who has been a legend and inspiration for generations. What with her awesome number of Grand Slam wins and some glamorous awards such as the Best Female Tennis Player, and Glamor Award For Sportswoman, she has been a massive figure in not just tennis but the sports field as such.

Just yesterday, Serena claimed that she never wanted the media to know about her pregnancy and that it was an accident that the news traveled through. The yellow swimsuit photo on Snapchat revealed her 20-week old bump, giving happy news away to fans. She spoke at the TED 2017 Conference in Vancouver, where she confirmed speculations about her pregnancy. While the news of her 20 weeks pregnancy spread like wildfire, she clarified that she had no intention to do so.

Just yesterday, Serena claimed that she never wanted the media to know about her pregnancy

Source: CBS Miami

The only reason why the photo went up there was for her personal records. She would constantly take pictures and record the bump. Explaining how the incident took place, she says, “I have this thing where I’ve been checking my status and taking pictures every week to see how far along I’m going.” But this one time, the Snapchat mirror-selfie was on, which captured her 20-week baby bump. And, she ended up posting a picture online! What happened next? Well, headlines broke out everywhere, and people were filled with joy.

She quipped about how she found it weird to have four missed calls on her number. Of course, she later realized that these came in immediately after the picture was uploaded. She laughs about how one button on social media filled her life with countless good wishes from people all over. And to ease the anxiety, she told Gayle King, the interviewer at TED that she was going to announce her pregnancy in a week’s time anyway.

Serena found out about her pregnancy just two days prior to the Australian Open, and she won it too making it her 23rd Grand Slam singles title. She told Gayle how she has been handling pregnancy and how hard it can sometimes be! All that nausea and morning sickness can really sap the energy out. But taking inspiration from her 36-year-old elder sister, Venus Willaims, she said that she would come back to the sport. Though she will be missing the entire seasons of 2017, she will come back post pregnancy to continue playing. That is a big relief to her fans, yes!

This was probably one of the nicest internet mishaps to have happened. Serena gave the world a great news and is also truly inspirational to all the mothers out there. Her spirit to enjoy motherhood and take her pregnancy as a new phase and achievement in life will give some serious motherhood goals to a lot of women. She is hopeful that soon her baby will be at the stands and cheer for her! Happy pregnancy to you, Serena!