This Male Doctor Penned The Most Heartfelt Note After Watching Childbirth For The First Time

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Parenting in itself is a roller coaster ride, from the moment you first find out that you are pregnant to looking after your little ones at home. A bunch of mixed emotions is always in the air, making it seem like the time is passing more quickly. Before you know it, your tiny tots are all grown up and ready to take off to pursue their respective career goals.

However, amid all the craziness of parenting, one moment that remains with the mother is that of the childbirth. Any woman who has experienced childbirth will vouch for the fact that it is a beautiful and life-altering moment, despite it being very painful. It is a phenomenon common to womankind but can take anyone’s breath away. The joy of carrying a being in your womb and bringing them into the world is unmatched and profound.

Pakistan’s fourth-year medical student, Shabbir Mustafa, recently got a chance to witness the beauty of childbirth. He got this opportunity while being on a two-week rotation in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Ward.

The first-ever experience of witnessing this miracle of life made a strong impact on the 23-year-old medical student, Shabbir. He immediately took to Facebook to share an emotional post describing his feelings.

In The Operating Theater

After assisting in his first C-section childbirth surgery, Shabbir expressed his feelings and said that he was inspired with a new-found respect for the womenfolk. Despite hearing and reading numerous times about the sacredness of childbirth, he had still not imagined it to be so emotionally overwhelming. Even his briefest of interactions with the expecting mothers during his two-week rotation left him awestruck. He was just mesmerized by the resilience and determination of each of these women.

Shabbir spent a few moments describing the process in layman terms for all his friends. He mentioned how an anesthesia is first given to the pregnant woman, ensuring she is numb from below the waist. Though she is sedated and drowsy, an expecting mother is generally awake throughout. And, the moment she realizes that her baby has arrived, her first instinct is to ensure his/her well-being. At that moment, nothing else matters – be it the numbness, the pain, the drowsiness, or even the labor and exhaustion.

A mother’s genuine concern about her baby, regardless of her own state, brought tears to the young medical student’s eyes. He managed to hide his tears from the mother while reassuring her that the baby is doing well.

Respect And Salute To Mommies Across The World

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Shabbir then went on to emphasize how we all tend to forget about the strength and resilience a woman is capable of. He further quotes a song by Maxwell, “This Woman’s Work,” which describes labor and childbirth. The song depicts how a woman remains undeterred and unstoppable, through it all.

Shabbir goes on to applaud the womenfolk, urging everyone to respect and understand the miracles all women are capable of.

His story brings us to the realization that this miraculous moment in a woman’s life should be celebrated by one and all. For each woman, childbirth has its own ups and downs, be it a natural birth, water birth, or Cesarean birth. Whether you are giving birth to a singleton, twins or triplets, childbirth is unique and beautiful in all ways.

Try and create a moment so special that mommies all across the world can never forget the miracle of bringing a new life into the world. Here is a salute to all the mothers out there for their immense strength and resilience!

And yes, please share your most memorable moment during childbirth in the comments section below!