This Video Of A Family Welcoming Their Baby Girl Is The Best Thing You'll See Today!

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Beti Bachao! Beti Padhao! (Save And Educate The Girl Child) We live in an age where words as precious as these have started to resonate, not only in India but also in most parts of the world. As women continue to break new grounds in sports, education, politics, arts, etc., it becomes all the more imperative to celebrate the girl child now than ever before!

Yet, despite this wave of change sweeping across the world, we still find a lot of regressive prejudices attached to the birth of a baby girl. It may still be a while before we do away with all of them. But, of course, we could always take one step at a time (pun intended), like Gayatri Nagare.

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When Gayatri, a homemaker, was expecting, she wished for a healthy little baby that will light up their lives. And guess what? Her wish came true. She was blessed with a cute little baby girl. While Gayatri and her family were obviously on cloud nine, little did she know what else was in store for her and her baby!

After Gayatri was discharged from the hospital, she excitedly headed home, eager to introduce her little one to the rest of the family. As she was about to take the first step to climb the stairs of her house, she was pleasantly surprised. Because the entire stairway was laden with rose petals. While all this took a few seconds to sink in for Gayatri, all her expressions and happiness were being captured on a video by a family member. As she headed upstairs with her husband and her little daughter in her arms, they were led by a sweet little boy. Isn’t that super cute?

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Well, that was not all. When Gayatri reached the entrance of the house, she found a plate full of alta (auspicious red color), which is generally used when a bride enters her new home. A bride usually dips her feet into it and walks in, leaving her footprints behind. Yes, you guessed it right. The little girl’s tiny feet too were dipped in this color. What’s more? The tiny feet were made to leave their footprints on a heart-shaped white paper. All this while, the little one, who had no idea about what was going on, simply yawned nonchalantly – in an adorable way though!

As the mother and her baby entered a balloon-filled room, the little girl’s grahpravesh (homecoming) was completed. What makes this video even more endearing is the background song. A Hindi classic, this song aptly describes a little baby girl as an innocent and sweet fairy.

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There may still be a certain section of our society which might not really ‘celebrate’ the birth of a girl child. In fact, there are some who do not wish to have a girl at all. This is due to the age-old belief that having a girl child is a liability as the parents would eventually have to shell out a hefty dowry. However, women have come a long way from being subjected to female feticide to demanding equal pay in every establishment to finally spearheading the #metoo movements to support fellow women. And, with more and more families doing away with the dowry evil and girls coming into their own and establishing themselves, this belief too will soon die its death. And until that happens, it is always heartening to hear such a news or see a video, like Gayatri Nagare’s. We hope that this video brings cheer to all new mothers of a girl child and adds another feather in the feminism cap. Here’s to girl power! Cheers!

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