7 Thoughts Pregnant Moms Have In The Second Trimester

Thoughts Pregnant Moms Have In The Second Trimester

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Think pregnancy and the first images that come to our mind are that of an expectant mom enduring nausea or a full-term mom with a big belly. Both of these are pretty much related to either the first or the third trimester. Often, the second trimester is supposed to be breezy. Agreed, there may be lesser issues during this phase. But the hormones are still there, remember? It’s also not that the second trimester is completely uneventful. On the contrary, most pregnant women plan a lot of stuff during this ‘safe phase.’ So, here are 7 thoughts that a soon-to-be mom will have during her second trimester.

1. This Is Bliss!

This Is Bliss!

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That annoying head-spinning and throwing up would have, in all probability, gone down a bit or vanished completely. So, the first thing that would come to your mind would be the feeling of relief, phew! By now, you’ll mostly start sleeping well and waking up without nausea. You might also be able to consume most of your regular food without feeling the urge to throw up. Blissful, isn’t it?

2. Yes! I AM Going To Be A Mother!

Yes! I AM Going To Be A Mother!

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Almost every couple keeps the pregnancy a secret until the completion of the first trimester. There could be various social or medical reasons for it. It is only when you’d have stepped into the ‘safe period’ of the second trimester that you’ll be at ease announcing your pregnancy. Which also means, by the way, that you’ll finally let the feeling sink in that you’re going to be a mother soon!

3. I Need To Buck Up

I Need To Buck Up

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The second trimester opens up the doors to a lot of possible stuff to do. You don’t have the symptoms of morning sickness which can leave you weak and tired. Neither you are enduring the third-trimester symptoms that restrict your movements. In short, you’re at just the right phase to start setting up your baby’s room, assemble that fancy cradle, or start shopping stuff for your baby. All this because the third trimester would be too late to consider doing it then.

4. I’d Simply Love To Name The Baby As…..

I'd Simply Love To Name The Baby As.....

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Apart from other chores that you might take up during this phase, you could also do some name-hunting. By week 14 of your pregnancy, your baby’s gender might become apparent now or in the following weeks (1). If you are in a country where gender is revealed, you’d probably be told about it. So, knowing that you are going to have a girl or a boy makes it all the more fascinating to look for a name.

5. This Feels Magical!

This Feels Magical!

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You might have heard a lot about how magical pregnancy is. This may be the time when you might actually ‘feel’ it. After about 18 weeks of conception, your baby might start to move in your belly. This is known as quickening and might feel like a flutter initially. Around the same time, your baby also develops ears and begins to hear and respond to your voice. All of this will make you connect more with your baby at an emotional level (2).

6. Am I Glowing Already?

Am I Glowing Already

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And yes, the famous pregnancy glow!! You’d have probably noticed it in the first trimester itself if only you could lift your head off the vomiting bouts. Nevertheless, the second trimester gives you enough time to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. And no, it’s not the mirror shining on your face. You definitely are glowing. Believe it!

7. I’m On Cloud 9!

I'm On Cloud 9!

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When all those things listed above happen to you, you’ll obviously feel very, very happy. With the exhaustion of the first trimester gone and exertions of labor yet to arrive, you’ll be relaxing enough, eating enough, and bonding with your baby big time.

Are you too in your second trimester? What sort of thoughts are running in your mind? Do share with us in the comments section below and let the rest of the fellow mommies cherish those thoughts too.

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