Mothers, Go Slow! 5 Ways To Not Get Lost In Multitasking

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Women are great multi-taskers. Right from a young age, we go about life by taking on more than one thing. We climb mountains while on our period, conduct surgeries while being pregnant, and we also run countries with a newborn baby at our side (Yes Jacinda Ardern, we’re talking about you). While it is common to see women juggling between multiple things, our role as multi-taskers takes on a new level when we become mothers. Cooking, cleaning, kids, husbands, work, house helps, gardens, plants, pets, and anything else that you can think of are taken care of by mothers. We don’t know how they do it, but we know it’s not easy. So we are here to help. Multi-tasking might come naturally to mothers, but we are here to show you that it can be slightly more manageable if you organize and plan your day. So, here are 5 ways to help mothers become pros at multitasking without getting lost, stressed, or worn out:

1. Make Use Of A Daily Organizer

Make Use Of A Daily Organizer

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An organizer will help you keep track of the things you need to do based on priority. You can ensure that you don’t forget anything and it will help keep you more relaxed. Stick it on your wall, fridge, or common space at home and tell your family members to add the things that need to be done. It will bring in a system that helps you and your family prioritize and organize daily tasks.

2. Raise Your Kids To Be Independent

Raise Your Kids To Be Independent

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Mothers sometimes tend to coddle their kids. It comes from the purest of intentions, but spoon-feeding your kids will make them dependent and lazy. Teach them responsibility from a young age, and they are more likely to grow up to be independent. Kids are smarter than you think, so let them do some chores and help around the house. Simple tasks like watering the plants, rearranging the bookshelf, clearing out their dishes, etc. are things that you can allow them to do from a young age. As they grow up, include them in taking up more responsibilities.

3. Prepare A Food Chart

Prepare A Food Chart

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Deciding what to cook every day can be quite exhausting. Some mothers say it’s more tiring to plan everyday meals than to actually cook them. What will help make this process easier is creating a food chart. You could do it weekly or once in three days. Deciding what you’re going to cook for the next three days saves you time and helps you make the necessary preparations for cooking a dish.

4. Delegate And Share

Delegate And Share

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As mothers, it is common to feel like you have to do everything. But delegating work to other members of the house makes your life less stressful. You know what is needed for your home so you can be the planner. But there is no harm in delegating duties to your partner and your kids. Your husband can pick up the clothes from the dry cleaners, and your daughter can feed the dog. You might be able to do it all, but you don’t have to. Do not hesitate to delegate.

5. Take A Break

Take A Break

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There are times when you feel overwhelmed by your quick paced life, and you feel like you need a break. Take it! Take some time off to relax and spend quality time with yourself. Pamper yourself at the salon, get a pedicure, or a massage. Take a walk in the park or sit by the window and read your favorite book. It is essential to set aside some time for yourself to recuperate.

Mothers are superwomen. They carry you in their womb until you’re born and take care of you every day after you’re born. They deserve more appreciation and love than what they receive, and yet they do not complain. So, pick up the phone and call your mom. Or if she is around, hug her and tell her you love her. Because mothers are superheroes without capes and it’s high time they know it. Comment below and let us know your favorite thing about your mom and share this article with her so she can relate.

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