8 Tips For Throwing A Baby Shower That's Actually Fun

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Whether you are throwing a baby shower for a close family member, planning one for yourself, or doing it professionally for a client, there might be chances that you might hit a dead-end for want of ideas. Usually, we go with the requirements of the theme involved. We also try to accommodate the requests of the families and friends involved in the baby shower. So, no matter which route you take, here are some useful tips that you need to keep in mind to throw a fun baby shower:

1. Create Beautiful Invitations

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If you truly wish to make a huge impression even before the party starts, then do so with beautiful invitations. Come up with a beautiful collage of the soon-to-be parents or cute pictures of different babies. You can also create wacky comic themes or beautiful paintings for the invite, but make sure it blends with the theme of the decor.

2. Choose The Right Venue For The Baby Shower

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One of the worst turn-offs for any guest would be traveling a long distance to the venue, facing the peak-time traffic, or having difficulty finding parking. Thus, make sure the venue you choose is not too far from the city. Or, it should at least be at a distance that can be easily accessible for those hiring a ride. Ensure the venue has ample parking space which is well-lit.

3. Give A Free Hand To The Decorations

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A baby shower with scant decorations can look quite odd. Don’t skimp on the decorations. Add as many colorful or glittery balloons, flowers, or even fairy lights. The idea is to make this party look lively so that it gives the happy vibes.

4. Don’t Forget The Baby Shower Sign

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Another catchy decoration would be the baby shower sign. It is, at times, the most ignored aspect of a baby shower. But it is as important as the invitation. As soon as your guests arrive, the baby sign would be the first thing to greet them. So make sure you make an impression here as well.

5. Have An Interesting Food And Drinks Menu

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A beautiful invitation, awesome decorations, and an attractive baby shower sign will all come to naught if you don’t have an interesting menu. Remember, it will eventually boil down to good food. Come up with an array of starters, followed by a balanced main course (for people with different food preferences), and a delicious display of desserts.

6. Come Up With A List Of Interesting Game

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Of course, what is a baby shower party without some games and fun. Line up some interesting games that all the guests, irrespective of the age group, can play. You can divide the games based on the age-group as well. But make sure that the other groups are taken care of while one of the groups is involved in the game. Keep special counters/corners dedicated to coloring or painting activities for kids if you are expecting a bunch of them on that day.

7. Hand Over Prizes That Are Likeable

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Not only the kids, but even adult guests look forward to the return gifts. So give them stuff that they will like. Do not choose fragile gifts or those of poor quality. Invest in something that can be customized like created-on-the-spot nameplates out of ceramic alphabets. This way your guests will treasure your gifts.

8. Time It Well

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Another important aspect of a party is the timing. It shouldn’t start so early so that most working people cannot make it or get stuck in peak-hour traffic. Neither should it start too late for the kids might fall asleep or get cranky. Also, keep a time limit to your party. Something between 2.5 to 3 hours should be ideal for your guests to enjoy and reach their homes on time. It shouldn’t tire them out so they keep looking at the watch or leave the party midway.

A baby shower is a memorable occasion for the soon-to-be parents. You can make this event even more special by organizing it well. So, follow the tips given here and we’re sure you’ll do a good job of it!

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