Tips To Follow When A Stay-At-Home Mom Chooses To Go Back To Work!

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Once a woman has a baby, she usually quits her job to prioritize her new-mommy duties and household chores. And to start working again, she needs to wait until her kid is of a manageable age. But the hurdles don’t seem to end there as well. Most new employers tend to focus on the time gap between a mother’s last job instead of the skills she knows. Though unfair, it is a sad truth that going back to work for a stay-at-home mom isn’t as congenial as it should be. Even in these days of women empowerment. However, no need to despair. With some smart efforts and patience, you can still get yourself a neat job. Here are a few important tips to follow:

Figure Out What You Wish To Do

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Firstly, figure out what kind of job you’d like to do. Pick the field that genuinely interests you or is closest to your educational qualification. Once you figure this out, then update your CV accordingly. You must put each point clearly and precisely. Write about your experiences and skills in line with the requirement of the job.

Upgrade Your Knowledge And Skills

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Technology keeps upgrading from time to time. What you already know might be redundant now. So, it’s important to keep up with these technological advancements. Find out what’s the current market requirement and if any short-term courses are available for the same. Once you know what’s working in the industry you are looking for, upgrade your skills by taking up a certification course. It’ll help you prepare for technical challenges at your workplace later on.

Keep Your Options Open

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There is a possibility that the kind of job you are looking for might not be available for quite some time. So, don’t lose heart and continue to apply for relevant jobs. Getting a job is important, not the field of expertise. Once you get a job and gain some experience, you can always look for another one with a better experience. For all you know, the job you get could prove better than the one you were looking for!

Increase Your Social Visibility

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In today’s age of social media, socializing has been taken to a different level altogether. If you have lost touch with some of your previous workplace friends, then get in touch with them now. If you don’t have a social media account, then it’s the right time to create one. Come up with creative ideas to catch the attention of potential employers online. Employers nowadays skim through social media to spot the right talent instead of using placement agencies for the same.

Prepare Some Answers In Advance

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“What was the reason for the gap?” is one of the most common questions that’ll be asked followed by “What did you do in this duration?” Try to be as honest with your answers as possible. You can say that raising a child is a demanding job. And now that your kids can be on their own, you’ve chosen to get back to work. You can also tell them about the short-term courses that you’ve done during this time. Prepare for similar questions beforehand so nothing will catch you unawares and you’ll come across as a confident candidate.

Create A Back-Up

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You might have a high opinion about your multitasking skills. But be realistic. Managing your home and office will not be a cakewalk. And juggling too many things will only leave you frustrated and burnt out. So, find good domestic help to lessen some of the cooking and housekeeping burdens. Keep elaborate menus for the weekends or holidays. Ask your spouse to pitch in once in a while. Make your children self-sufficient by asking them to be responsible for themselves and their stuff. Your kids can make do with a simple sandwich in your absence. And an occasional take-out dinner doesn’t mean you are a bad mother. So, don’t beat yourself about it.

Now that you’ve decided to step out and reclaim your professional space, do not give up on it come what may. If a certain interview doesn’t go well, you’ll still learn how to face one. If you don’t get one type of job, you might get another. Remember, every interview that you face will help you grow your confidence back. So, don’t stop looking for a job. The right one is just around the corner.

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