8 Tips To Maintain Peace At Home With A Newborn

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All this while it was just you and your husband sharing a roof together. “Two adults living in peace with each other,” is how you can describe your tiny family. Then the news of you being in the family way comes, and even before the excitement settles down, you are in a maternity hospital with a little new life in your hands.

As long as you are in the maternity period, you would have some elders to take care of you and your newborn. But there comes a day when you need to move in with your husband, with both of you left all alone to take care of your child. This period will test not only your sanity but also the strength of your marriage!

Before you resign to the fact that there is nothing called peace with a newborn at home, read these tips to alleviate the situation.

  1. Plan for your baby’s homecoming: You have nine months to prepare yourself to welcome the baby into your lives. If you are pregnant for the first time, you might not have an idea of what to do, but can always take inputs from your elders, friends, and relatives. When you are nearing labor, buy certain things like a crib, a bath tub, a few dresses for the baby, and maternity dresses for yourself.
  1. Prepare your elder child: If you already have a child at home, prepare him for the new addition to the family. This becomes more important as the due date nears, as your kid will be able to understand that he needs to share your attention with a new sibling. In fact, the newborn will get most of your time, and this should not make your elder kid insecure.
  1. Discuss the sleeping arrangement with your husband: Some parents make their baby sleep in a crib even during the night while some mothers would want to share the bed with the baby. Discuss this with your husband to know if he is comfortable sharing the bed with the little one. Clarity on this reduces the differences between you and your spouse, which usually crop up when the child gets up crying in the night.
  1. Schedule your tasks through the day: Make a to-do list for your day, and follow that. Post pregnancy, your memory could be weak, and you might get forgetful. Writing your tasks down will avoid any last-minute rush.
  1. Share responsibilities: Seek your husband’s help in managing the baby, as no superwoman could ever manage her newborn single-handedly. Tell him what tasks you expect him to do. This will cut down on your arguments as he knows what he needs to do.
  1. Keep things handy: Keep the frequently used things like your baby’s diapers, clothes, creams and other kits handy, so that you need not have to go running for them every time he soils his diaper.
  1. Do not expect cleanliness: Do not expect your home to be as clean and prim as it was earlier, lest you get disappointed. After taking care of the baby, your fragile body will be left with little energy to do household chores. Limit them to the minimum.
  1. Take a break: Last but not the least, take a break from baby-sitting. Ask your husband to look after the child, and go for a walk in the park, or to breathe some cool breeze. This will rejuvenate you.

Having a baby at home is actually a big deal. You need to make changes to your life with the newborn as the primary focus. So, how did you cope up with this phase in your life?

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