17 Tips To Play A Safe Holi With Your Little Ones

Image: iStock

Vibrant hues, water balloons, colored faces, people intoxicated with fun – does that ring a bell? Well, Holi is around the corner. Kids and adults, alike, love playing Holi as no one can resist the temptation of playing with colors. It is so much fun getting drenched in colors without a care in the world. I simply love the pink color stains that remain on the face, ears, and hands post the Holi celebrations.

But with festivities, come responsibilities. What if the color went into someone’s eyes or mouth? Now that could be dangerous.

Which is why, in the midst of all that fun and fervor, don’t forget to take precautions while you play this game of colors. Here are a few tips to play safe and happy Holi with your little ones:

  1. Choose organic colors even if they are a bit expensive, as they are safe. Avoid colors with harsh chemicals. They are not only harmful, but also the stains are tough to remove.
  1. Apply coconut oil on your hair and body. You could also apply Vaseline petroleum jelly. It helps in washing off tough color stains easily.
  1. Cover yourself with full sleeves clothing, full trousers, and closed collars to avoid the colors getting on your skin.
  1. Avoid spraying colors or colored water into people’s eyes as it causes irritation. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you wear contact lens, remove them before you play.
  1. If you don’t want to use dental caps, try to close your mouth as much as possible, while playing, unless you want to have colored teeth.
  1. Apply nail paint if you don’t want the color to remain on your nails.
  1. Apply a sunscreen lotion or a moisturizer before you step out to play.
  1. Put on old clothes for playing as Holi might just be the perfect excuse to discard those old clothes that you were planning.
  1. Do not use eggs or tomatoes. Wasting resources isn’t the most fun way. Let’s try and conserve resources for as long as we can.
  1. Avoid having too much of the Holi drink (Bhaang) as it might lead to hypertension.
  1. Carry drinking water as you may tend to get dehydrated. Drink lots of water while you are playing under the scorching sun as it will keep you hydrated.
  1. Water and food may be unhygienic outdoors at times like these, so avoid having them.
  1. Choose an open place to play Holi with a closed group, such as family and friends, instead of playing with strangers on the streets or roads. Crowds could get unruly.
  1. Don’t waste a lot of water. Do remember, it’s a precious resource.
  1. Do not put a lot of colors on children. They have sensitive skin. Supervise your children at all times so that they don’t throw colors in each other’s eyes.
  1. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water after you finish playing and apply a cold cream or an aloe vera cream to prevent dryness or irritation.
  1. To make the festival more fun, shake a leg and let your hair loose to some Bollywood numbers, instead of playing with excessive colors.

Note: Your skin is the most sensitive part, so you have to protect it. If you have any allergies or irritations such as dust allergy, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, do take precautions from your doctor before you play with colors.

Festivals are a time to come together and share some happy times. Holi goes a little beyond that, adding fun, zeal, and joy. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. We hope you have a safe and colorful Holi.

Have any more tips for playing safe Holi? Do let us know by commenting below.