Top Fertility Mistakes Couples Could Make

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Conception raises many questions, and couples could make mistakes while trying for a baby. So, here MomJunction decided to let you in on the doctor’s guide to conception and address the most likely mistake that you may be making while trying to become pregnant.

The Doctor’s Opinion:

Typically, some couples want to start making a family as soon as they get together while others want to wait and set up their careers before they decide to have a baby. But, both sets of couples could require hours of consultation, and medical intervention to conceive. In such a case, ways to maximize the chances of becoming pregnant is something that most couples want to know [1].

While some studies state that children born to women who became pregnant in their late 30s are smarter, fitter, and stronger than their counterparts, they seem to miss the point that a woman’s fertility also reduces with age. Women who become pregnant later in life may have to face a high chance of complications during pregnancy as well a miscarriage.

When a woman is born, the number of eggs she has are already developed. With age, the quality and quantity of eggs begin to reduce, lowering the chances of she becoming pregnant. The possibilities of conceiving at the age of 30 is around 20%, or one in five menstrual cycles. By the time you turn 40, the number plummets to 5%.

Moreover, the risk of miscarriage or stillbirth can also increase with age. Less than 50% of all pregnancies in women above 40 ends in a miscarriage or stillbirth. While the reasons remain debated, some studies hint that increased genetic abnormalities may be a telling factor. Additionally, the more the age, the higher the chance of having a genetic defect [2].

You can consider undergoing an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test, which is a blood test to learn the exact egg count in your body. But, the test cannot tell you anything about the egg quality, and only offers a total number of the eggs.

The best indicator of fertility can only be determined by the woman’s age. Thus, it becomes crucial for you to decide when you want to have your child, and age can play a big part on how your pregnancy will unfold.

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