6 Totally Outdated Pieces of Baby Advice

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Around two to three decades ago, our parents had no access to the internet, or an endless supply of parenting books to ensure that they were doing a good job. They just had each other and their own life experiences. So, everything they taught us stemmed from what they had learned along the way. Although this was helpful in some regard, it also limited them as parents because they were not exposed to different perspectives and ways of life. Therefore, children were raised intuitively, which looks very different from the way we raise kids now. Our parents did their best with what they knew and had, but there are still beliefs that they followed rigidly that puzzle us today. Raising kids just doesn’t come as naturally as people assume and people still depend heavily on parenting tips of the past. But, now it’s time to get rid of these totally outdated pieces of baby advice.

1. Babies Need To Bath Everyday

Babies Need To Bath Everyday

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Here’s a fun fact for you, babies don’t sweat! Which means that they don’t get all stinky like adults do. Besides, your little one isn’t going to be doing much other than staring at the ceiling and falling asleep for a couple of months. So there is absolutely no need to give them a bath everyday. In fact, it is recommended that you give your newborn baby a sponge bath every other day, for the first few weeks. If you really want to give your baby a bath, do so once every three days (unless there’s a huge diaper explosion to deal with). Once your baby is a little bigger you can make daily baths a part of their wind down routine, just make sure to moisture well right after!

2. Babies Sleep Best In A Room That’s Silent And Dark

Babies Sleep Best In A Room

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If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already bought into the need for blackout curtains, a white noise machine and several other items to make your baby’s environment as sleep inducing as possible. And although sleeping in a dark and quiet room will definitely help. Not all babies are light sleepers. Some are perfectly capable of falling asleep with background noise and bright light shining in from every window. Plus, if your infant gets used to activity while they are asleep, they might be more willing to snooze in various different locations and situations. A major win for the parents!

3. Listening To Classical Music Will Raise Your Baby’s IQ

Listening To Classical Music

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Unfortunately, listening to Motzart isn’t going to make your baby smarter. While listening to music, classical or otherwise, can enrich your child’s mind, there has not been any conclusive research suggesting that listening to classical music in particular could result in a significant increase in your baby’s IQ. If only brain boosting benefits were so easily acquired!

4. Letting Your Little One Stand Or Bounce On Your Lap Can Cause Bowlegs Later On

Letting Your Little One Stand Or Bounce

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This old wives tale has to go! There is no way that your baby will become bow legged just by bouncing on you. In fact, it can actually be very beneficial to them. Young babies are only starting to learn how to balance their weight on their legs and find their center of gravity. So, letting your baby bounce is a fun and stimulating way for them to exercise their leg muscles and experiment with holding themselves up.

5. Babies Need To Poop At Least Once A Day

Babies Need To Poop At Least Once A Day

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This might come as a surprise to you, but your baby doesn’t need to poop everyday. Parents often think their baby is constipated but they’re not! Newborns can often have several bowel movements per day. But during the second and third month, your baby might poopy every 3 to 4 days and this is completely normal. However, if your baby’s bowel movements are very hard and infrequent or you see blood on your baby’s diaper, it’s best to consult your pediatrician right away.

6. Being Cold Makes Babies Ill

Being Cold Makes Babies

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Don’t deprive your baby of walking in a winter wonderland. Many parents are under the impression that cold weather will make their babies call ill. But this just isn’t true. Although your little one might need some help regulating their internal temperature, there’s nothing that a cute little coat and some gloves can’t fix. Babies fall ill due to viruses and bacterias, not cold weather. So, don’t be afraid to jump in the snow with your baby.

Parenting is never easy. There’s so much false information to sift through. However, be sure not to fall for these outdated pieces of advice that will do more harm than good for your baby. Happy parenting!

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