Tips And Tricks To Burp A Gassy Newborn

Every parent knows that burping a baby is crucial after a feed. Not only does it help your baby digest milk faster, but it also ensures that they get rid of trapped air bubbles that the baby might sometimes swallow while being fed. However, sometimes new parents get lenient when it comes to burping because their baby feeds so many times, and this can lead to a cranky, gassy baby. So, if you’ve got a baby who is particularly hard to burp, then we’ve got a few solutions for you. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be burping your little baby in no time at all!

Why Are Some Babies More Difficult To Burp Than Others?

Burping is a necessary step that you have to do in order for the air trapped inside the baby while feeding is released. Some babies burp on their own with little to no assistance from a caregiver, whereas others take forever to burp. If your baby doesn’t burp for a long time, they could get cranky due to the discomfort in the bellies. They could also spit up if they fall asleep before being burped. If you’re looking for a way to prevent this from happening, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for you.

What To Do With A Baby That Doesn’t Want To Be Burped?

1. Bounce Or Pat Your Baby

Bounce Or Pat Your Baby

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If your baby doesn’t burp at night before you put them down to bed, this is one trick that many parents swear by that you can use successfully. Parents are often hesitant to do anything other than tap their baby lightly, but it takes more than gentle patting to burp your baby. You need to be firm and pat with your entire palm. Some parents even bounce their baby around while they do this and pat their bottom in order to get them to burp. However, make sure that your movements are not vigorous when you are bouncing your baby around. And keep in mind that although this may get them to burp, it can also make them spit up some milk. So have a towel or a burping cloth in hand.

2. Use Many Burping Positions

Use Many Burping Positions

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There’s more than one effective way to burp a baby. Most parents try to hold their baby over their shoulder. But if you use this position, make sure your baby is in a slight incline. They shouldn’t be angled leaning back. But there are other positions you can try if this one doesn’t work for you. You could also carry them in a football hold by placing their face towards your elbow and the tummy upside-down on your forearm. You could also try placing your baby across your lap. Lay your baby in such a position that the stomach is side down across your lap. If this doesn’t work, make your baby sit upright while you support their chest with your hand and then lean slightly forward.

3. Change Positions Often

Change Positions Often

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If you’ve been at it trying to burp your baby for a while, change positions instead of sticking to just one. Going back to the same burping position over and over again could also be the reason why your baby refuses to burp. Remember, if the position hasn’t worked for you yet, it isn’t magically going to.

4. Opt For Burping Exercises

Opt For Burping Exercises

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Going for different burping exercises can make a world of difference when there are too many air bubbles, or if it is too stubborn to come out. But no matter what, your baby does have to be burped after every feeding. You could rotate your baby’s upper body clockwise or move their body forwards and backwards slowly to initiate the burping process. Once you’ve gone over the exercises for a couple of minutes, start to pat and bounce them.

5. Stretch Their Bodies

Sometimes all your baby needs is to stretch it out. Take hold of your baby’s right elbow in one hand and the left knee in another. Then slowly and gently move them towards each other. This stretch will help them release any air bubbles they have trapped inside them.

6. Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

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It’s easy to get frustrated when you try everything in the book to get your baby to burp and it doesn’t work. But don’t lose hope. Give them a break and try again in a bit. With some exercising, stretches and pats, your baby will eventually burp. Just because they are having a hard time of it today doesn’t mean it will always be this difficult. So, take it in stride.

Making sure that your baby is happy and healthy is a parent’s top priority. And burping their baby so that they aren’t gassy, uncomfortable and cranky is part of it. So, take the time to burp your baby after each feed and use your tips to make this process easier for you.

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