5 Amazing Tricks To Tackle Your Toddlers Tantrums

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Toddler tantrums are things that most parents have to face at some point in their life. They are a part of growing up. And, there are many reasons for a toddler’s tantrum. If you want to learn how to tackle a toddler’s tantrums you should first understand the reason behind it.

A child often throws a tantrum when he wants to communicate a certain feeling or wishes to obtain something but is unable to do so himself. This frustrates the child, and he bawls, howls, and screams to get your attention. If your child has been doing this too frequently, you need to learn what triggers such a reaction. Some kids throw tantrums out of habit. They are aware that they can get what they want by screaming, and they do so every time they need something. So, do not pamper your child unreasonably and learn to tame such behavior before your child becomes stubborn.

Here are some tricks by which you can effectively tackle your toddler’s tantrums.

1. Pay No Heed

If your child knows how you react to his tantrums then he will throw tantrums more often and unnecessarily. So, it is best that you start ignoring your child’s antics. Also, when a child is crying hysterically, he may not want to listen to you at all. In such a situation, you have to be patient and wait for him to cool down before you take any action. Next time when your little one seems over agitated try to look away and pretend not to pay any attention. Your child will feel tired and will stop on his own.

2. Divert His Attention

This trick works most of the time, especially when you implement this at the start of his tantrum. As soon as you see the corners of your child’s mouth turn downwards, you know that tears will follow suit. So, the moment you realize that your child is going to cry immediately divert his attention to something else like a toy or a food item. This way your child will forget why he was upset and will blissfully be busy with a new activity.

3. Whisper Challenge

When you see your child crying, you may instantly want to raise your voice to make him quiet, which will lead to a scream fest where both you and your child will try to outscream each other. Instead, baffle your child by whispering to him. As soon as your child sees you talking to him, he will stop crying to listen to you. Use this opportunity to say something soothing to relax your child.

4. Hold To Handle

If your child has thrown a big fit and is crying or screaming uncontrollably, then pick your little brat in your arms and gently rub your hand over his back and head. Sometimes, a simple hug can do away with anger and frustration. Holding your child makes him aware that he has your attention, and his frustration will melt away.

5. Change The Location

If you are out with your kid, and he is crying for something he wants in a store then pick your child and get out of that store as soon as possible. As soon as your child finds himself in a new location, he will forget about the previous location and calm down.

When dealing with a toddler’s tantrums always keep the following things in mind:

Do not give in to your child’s stubbornness. This way you will spoil your child, and he will throw tantrums even in public places and embarrass you. Be calm and find other ways of handling his tantrums.

No matter how annoyed you feel at your kid’s behavior, do not raise your hand. Once in a while, physical punishment is necessary but resorting to it too often will make your child less fearful of punishments and his tantrums will only increase.

Does your toddler throw hissy fits? How do you handle the situation? Share your tips with us below.

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