7 True Experiences By Real Moms

As a mom, you tend to read a lot. About vaccines, baby psychology, diseases… you get the picture. But with so much information, one can’t help but wonder whether all those experts offering advice have ever been moms. And,when some of these experts are men, the information doesn’t serve any purpose. So, this Mother’s day, the moms in the MomJunction’s team talk about the problems they face, and what it means to be a mother.It makes for a fascinating read, to learn how real people, i.e. not a woman in some controlled study, face problems with their children and what they actually get up on Mother’s day, apart from sleeping in. By now, you know that being a mom has its shares of ups and downs. There are moments you’d want to play over and over again, and then there are moments you feel that you’re tugging at the ends of your hair.Whoever said being a mom was all cute smiles and, ahem, taking care of well-behaved babies? Well, it mostly isn’t. But, like a wise person once said, it’s the little things that matter in life.

Read on as our team narrates the most annoying experiences they had with their babies.

My lil one loves to gorge on my favourite make up accessories like eating my lipstick, uses my makeup brushes for painting, licks compact powder. He relishes the taste of lipstick so much that he eats it off. He also shows off my sindoor by wearing it, this really annoys me when I am getting ready for a wedding. Secondly, he doesn’t let me receive my phone calls (Ah! So possessive he is: P) and almost starts crying crazy and loud, and starts throwing things just to distract me from the ongoing call. I should say that my baby is WORKAHOLIC and a NICE HOMEMAKER as he loves to make chapattis , I love it but then it really annoys me when I have to do it quick and he cries to get the board and the rolling pin to make them, spreading the flour all across.

– Vaishali

Just after we stop using nappies, we realize what a trouble-free thing they are. My son feels that inevitable movement in his bowels only after we step out of the house. And what, he doesn’t like to answer the all-important call unless the toilet is clean!

 – Bhavana

The motherhood challenge is a beautiful way to measure and say proudly we are great Mothers. Every day is a new challenge for me. One of the biggest challenges I faced as a Mother was on my son’s first day to nursery And the most annoying thing with my child is painting the wall with cosmetics and crayons, playing with all my utensils. As soon as I reach home I sometime feel my kitchen is shifted to my hall. Feeling of Motherhood can’t be expressed in words, it should only be felt. I am very happy and proud to be a Mother! It is the most rewarding thing a woman can ever have!

– Lakshmi

I remember feeling absolutely terrible when my toddler fell of the bed while playing in spite of taking utmost care. I had looked away for a split second and that’s all it took. Luckily she fell on a bunch of pillows, but there are several instances like that – when she slapped her head on the table or hit the door while running past it. They are growing up and we need to maintain a balance by letting them grow and guiding them through their mistakes and hoping they would learn from them.

– Priya

One of the most challenging periods of motherhood is the first few weeks after childbirth when the baby is young and delicate and the bond is just starting to be built between the baby and the mom. The frequent cries of the baby during this time can be one of the most annoying and helpless moments for any mom as she is clueless about why he is crying!

– Achu

The most annoying experience is the constant surveillance of extended family members, friends and sometimes even strangers. I have had people comment on everything about my ‘mommy skills’ from ‘how I should not be carrying my toddler in the lap’, ‘How the child is better behaved and throws less tantrums when I am not around’ to ‘what I should do to be a better mother’. I have learnt to thank them for their advice and ignore a few.

– Swati

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