Video Of Twins 'Fighting' Inside Mother's Womb During Ultrasound Is Going Viral

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Childbirth is a miraculous phenomenon and it will forever be a reminder about the strength of women. Isn’t it pretty amazing that a person can protect a fully grown baby inside their womb and endure all the pain in the world for that baby? It’s probably more difficult if there are two babies- considering the pregnancy, delivery, and effort involved in raising them. Nonetheless, with double the effort comes double the joy! No parents would have ever been upset that they had twins. Having twins is always a big surprise and in some cases, it paves way for bigger surprises like in this one- twins fighting inside the womb!

The video of an ultrasound scan in which two twin babies are fighting with each other has been going viral over the internet. It was captured by the daddy-to-be when he was with his four months pregnant wife for a check-up. The video that was shot in China, somewhere a year ago was shared by the dad on social media. Evidently, it rose to a crazy level of popularity over time. The twin girl babies were seemingly kicking and boxing with each other inside their first home- surely one among the earliest catfights in history! Imagine the frustration of their parents when they’ll actually have to meddle between these fights in the future.

She pulled my hair first

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“She pulled my hair first”……”but he took my teddy!”….this is probably the crime scene story of every sibling fight. Sibling fights are very common and since ages, they have been causing a lot of trouble for the parents. Brothers and sisters fight like animals even after they become fully grown adults and have kids of their own- it’s a universal fact. However, it’s quite surprising to see two siblings indulge in what seems like a fight inside the mother’s womb even before they are born! That’s not something you get to see very often.

If you’re going to have twin babies, you never know when you’re in for such surprises. Generally, when you are pregnant with twins, you start to experience fetal movements during the period between 18 to 20 weeks (1). This is almost similar to the case in singleton pregnancies. If you’ve been pregnant before, you will experience early fetal movements since you already know what fetal movements are. It will be easier for you to distinguish them from bowel movements. However, it’s probably impossible for the mother to know that her babies aren’t just moving but they are in the gladiator arena every once in a while. As of now, the only way to know if your twin babies are fine is by getting things checked by a doctor and it is not possible to monitor them all the time.

babies fighting inside the womb

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The father of the twins said that he found it quite amusing to see his babies fighting inside the womb. Can’t blame him! The video is really sweet and surprising even if it involves a lot of kicks and punches. Even though the babies are born now, the original video got 2.5 million views and more than eighty thousand comments on social media! It’s time to declare this video as a modern day miracle. With more and more research being conducted on pregnancy and medicine, we can expect to find out better about twin behavior and specifically the reasons why they engage in fights.

What do you think these twin baby girls were fighting for? Maybe they were arguing about who gets to keep the bigger bedroom once they are born! Or maybe they are fighting for Rihanna and Beyonce sides! We never know. Did you ever experience something similar with your twin babies? Do you have any funny pregnancy anecdote that’s similar to this story? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment in the section below.

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