Unborn Baby Eats, Sneezes And Cries Inside The Womb

Mothers have the power to create life, a power that God solely bestowed upon his greatest creation. The moment you discover you’re pregnant you experience a rush of emotions. You experience joy, excitement, apprehension and a host of other emotions in just a split of a second, and before you know it, tears of happiness roll down your cheeks as you realize that you will be responsible for bringing a beautiful life into the world you live in.

As the days pass on, you watch and feel your precious one grow inside you, and you know that there’s not another feeling that can even remotely match up to it. Thanks to the advancement in technology now, you can not only feel your baby grow in your womb, but also watch them in action. You can see as they grow from that teeny-tiny egg into that 3.5kg bundle of joy that you softly cradle in your arms, back and forth.

But if you have never seen this little miracle grow in the womb, we’ve got a surprise for you. 3-D (three-dimensional) imaging has now made it possible for you to observe every little movement your baby makes while inside of you. It is much more advanced and clearer than the 2-D ultrasound where you can only watch black and white images of your baby. Even more advanced than 3-D is 4-D, which can give you the clearest picture of your baby and show you the exact movements they make when in your womb.

We’ve got such a video for you, which shows just exactly what the little angel does nestling in the mommy’s warm and comfy womb. You will watch the baby do a lot of things that we’re sure will fill you with awe and wonder and you will find yourself go ‘aww’ by the end of the video as your eyes well up. So without much ado, watch the miracle for yourself.

The video starts with the ultrasound of the couple’s baby, where you can clearly see the little tyke almost grown to its full size.

Then about at 22 seconds, you can watch the 4-D scan of the child and you can see the serene expression on its face as it snoozes comfortably on its side.

Fast forward to 37 seconds, and you can actually see the little one eating! Now that’s something we bet you’ve never even seen before. You can watch the baby grab a mouthful of the food that comes its way and chew it like a happy little chomper.

At 1:13 minutes, you can watch its little face squirm into a half smile, half annoyance as it just relaxes. Probably the mommy had gulped down a glass of cold water and the little one was not pleased!

At 1:33 minutes, the little one looks fast asleep with its tiny head resting on its little arms.

There’s this precious moment at 2:13 minutes where you can look at the little one rubbing its eyes with the smaller-than-pint-sized fingers.

The video ends with the baby falling back to sleep, which we’re sure can melt the coldest of hearts on this planet.

The next time you have a baby, make sure you get a 4-D scan done. You won’t regret it. Watching their little antics when they are inside you will make you appreciate their theatrics all the more when you finally get to swaddle them.

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