6 Unexpected Changes That Come With Motherhood

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You always knew that your life would change with motherhood. But in what ways it is going to change is something that only time rolls out like in chunks of surprise. From what you hear from your friends, neighbors, and other mothers, most of the experiences seem common and typical. However, the most trivial of troubles that your baby makes might come very unexpectedly and you seem to be unarmed to handle it. On the other hand, there would be a change in your attitudes, set of beliefs, personality, and overall behavior. Here are our top takes:

1. Marriage brings responsibility, but with the arrival of your baby, you become more responsible:

After getting married, you might be a little grounded in comparison to your spinster days. You still hang out and do things together, but in a more mature and responsible way. However, with the arrival of your baby, the freedom of going out for a movie also seems to get slim. You begin your day for your baby, and you close it for your baby. Your life begins to revolve around your baby! So, here you are, a responsible mommy who loves to forget all about herself, but care for the baby and be there for the baby no matter what.

2. You begin to understand your mother better:

All the wisdom that your mother indoctrinated into you, but you never paid attention to earlier, suddenly springs up to life. You mutter the same words to yourself and suddenly wonder, “Hey, this is what mom told me.” And all this while your baby is still tiny. Right from feeding your child to giving it a bath, you remember every instance that mother told. As your baby grows, with every passing day, you would see a reflection of your mother in you. All her teachings come to the real application only now, instead of when you were single. You begin to understand and appreciate your mother once you become a mother.

3. If you have a pet dog, it loses its stature of being your child:

Your dog was like your baby before your child arrived into the world. Strangely enough, your dog also adores the new addition to the family. It loves to be all over the newborn. You still love your dog, but your baby is your baby.

4. Your biological clock goes haywire:

The perfect rooster in you somehow seems to change its schedule. You no longer wake up at 5.30am spot on. You spring out of the bed not realizing that it’s past 8 or 9 in the morning, which means you have to rush to make the breakfast and run around for just about everything that completes the list of your daily chores, plus handling the tiny baby throughout. With each event that is delayed, there is a delay in you hitting the sack and just pass off.

5. You realize you are a superhuman:

You never knew you could be so good at multitasking. For the backseat you used to take the domestic calls, you suddenly seem to turn out into an able mama who knows not just caring for her baby, but also run the household like a superwoman. You could as well stun the people who had wrong notions about the lazy bug you were at one point in time!

6. You come to love your body no matter what:

You get over all the obsession with the modelesque figure. Staying healthy and fit for the sake of your baby and yourself become paramount. The stretch marks, the bigger belly and a little out of proportion body no longer matter to you. They all now seem like medals of your motherhood!

Motherhood is an ocean. No matter how much you experience it, there is more to learn, and discover. Begin on the journey of ups and downs, and you will have only sweet memories to cherish when you turn and look down the memory lane.

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