9 Unknown Baby Girl Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

9 Unknown Baby Girl Facts That Will Blow Your Mind-1

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Baby girls are full of sweet surprises. But if we tell you the truth, not all of these surprises are going to be sweet. In fact, some of the things we are about to tell you can blow your mind, and make you go ‘whoa!’ Read on to know nine baby girl facts we bet you didn’t know!

1. They have periods

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When inside the womb, baby girls get exposed to significant amounts of estrogen. However, the level of estrogen drops rapidly after birth, which is a signal of menstruation in adult women. Although rare, you may notice drops of blood in your baby’s diaper once within the first seven days of her birth.

2. They can lactate

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Hormones are the reason behind your baby lactating as well. Surprisingly, lactation can happen in baby boys too. Babies can develop tiny breast buds due to a fall in the level of certain hormones. These buds can contain small amounts of milk, which they will release.

3. They’re lighter

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Baby girls, in general, are lighter than baby boys. While boys weigh seven pounds and ten ounces when born on an average, girls weigh only seven pounds and two ounces. Not much of a difference, but still.

4. They may be born late

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It’s not uncommon for baby girls to be born a day later than baby boys. In fact, the time the baby stays in the womb can also depend on the race of the mother.

5. They have symmetrical brains

They have symmetrical brains

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While the brains of baby boys are kind of asymmetrical, those of girls are more symmetrical. Also, a baby girl will be born with more gray matter than boys.

6. They will have cradle cap

cradle cap

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Generally considered to be something baby boys are born with, baby girls are born with it too. Cradle caps are basically patches of skin on your baby’s head.

7. They can cross their eyes

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Your precious little darling can cross her eyes. And don’t panic when you catch her doing that. That’s just your girl trying to figure out how her little eyeballs work.

8. They may have breasts

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Yet again, hormones are at play here. Babies are born with tiny breast buds due to the presence of excess estrogen in their tiny bodies. This will not affect her growth in anyway.

9. They may lose scalp hair

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Just like body hair, your girl will lose the scalp hair she’s born with. New hair growth can even be completely different in color and texture than the previous hair.

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