7 Unobvious Signs That Your Child Needs To See A Doctor

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An important aspect of being a parent is being vigilant all the time, especially when it comes to your child’s health. The onset of any illness can be easily recognized by its early and obvious signs and symptoms, which can help you get treated in time. But there are many signs that go unnoticed, which may lead to a serious illness if ignored. These signs appear to be quite normal but may have a connection with your child’s poor health. Listed below are seven important signs that should not be ignored.

1. Irregular Or Growing Moles

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If you notice a spot or a large growth (more than 6 mm) on your baby’s body that is asymmetrical and abnormal in color, then it needs immediate medical attention. Even if a regular-looking mole starts growing in size, consult your pediatrician immediately (1).

2. Increased Size Of Fontanel

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The fontanel (commonly known as the soft spot) of the baby closes gradually in time. However, it should not grow in size. If you find it increasing in size, it needs to get checked by a doctor immediately (2). This may be a sign of some disease.

3. Hair Loss

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Hair loss in babies is normal as the scalp of the head is still growing. But if you see bald patches on your baby’s head, then it is something that needs attention. It might be a fungal infection or some other underlying disease.

4. Mood Swings

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Mood swings are something that all babies go through once in a while. But if the child fusses all the time then it is not normal. Also, if you will find that the baby has trouble sleeping and has a sudden decrease in appetite then you need to see the doctor.

5. Decreased Hearing

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Usually babies respond to the sounds around them. They will startle in response to a loud or sudden noise. They look in the direction of the person who is talking to them. If your child is older and quite often doesn’t respond to you calling them by their name, then he might be suffering from some infection or hearing problem (3).

6. Excessive Thirst

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Children love to ask for water regularly as they get to drink and play with it. But parents need to take notice if such innocent requests turn out to be very frequent (after every 15 minutes). You may find your child actually drinking the water, instead of playing with it.

If your child suddenly becomes very thirsty, irrespective of the weather or activity, this could be a sign of some illness. Also notice their urine output at such times. If you find the quantity to be increased or decreased than their usual, then this needs to be shown to the doctor.

7. Loud And Regular Snoring

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Many babies snore while they sleep and a light snoring is normal. Sometimes, the baby might be suffering from cold symptoms and the loud noise is due to that. However, loud and regular snoring is not something to be ignored. It can be related to some kind of breathing problem or infection.

Even if these problems appear to be regular, it is always better to get your child checked by the doctor. Early detection of disease can prove to be helpful for your child’s recovery. Your child might have an infection, which can be curbed before it spreads and become fatal.

Sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate between normal and abnormal. Even with all the guidance, it becomes hard to take a decision. At such times, it is always best to consult your doctor and get the necessary treatment or guidance for your child.