Use These Tips To Change Diapers Quickly And Save 100 Minutes A Day!

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Let’s say you spend 12 to 15 minutes per diaper change. Now multiply this by about ten times. That is a 150 minutes. This means that you spend more than one and half hours a day changing diapers! Multiply that with a month and a year! Scary, right?

And then the fact that we as mothers have certainly faced diaper blow-outs where we not only had soiled diapers and sheets but also a soiled us. This means that either we need to change the diapers we’re using for our baby, or we need a few quick hacks that will help save us a lot of hours!

As babies have only breastmilk for the first six months, they pee a lot. Of course, they poop a lot as well, indicating good bowel movement. But what this practically means is that your diaper changing time increases, and so do the mishaps with diapers. So, here are some hacks you have to know to manage a diaper situation.

1. Diaper changing station:

This is a must at home. It could be a tall table, side of a desk, a dresser, etc. The idea is to have a table tall enough for you to stand and change the diaper. At the same time, there should be a soft sheet with cushioning on it to make the baby comfortable.

The station should also contain all the diaper essentials such as diapers, baby powder, diaper rash cream, wet wipes, etc.

2. Diaper change time:

One of the first things that a mother needs to know about diapers is when to change it. But how easy is it to know that? There are a lot of diapers that come with dry and wet indicators, which would tell you about the next change. Alternatively, an irritated, fussy, or crying baby is also an indication that the diaper is soiled.

3. Diaper basket:

Yes! This is a little different from the diaper bags. How? A diaper basket gives us more space to organize diapers and other baby essentials. Make a diaper basket out of big, wooden food baskets. We could accommodate these baskets at the bottom of the dresser, desk, or table.

4. Store diapers in vacuum bags:

At times when we are travelling, carrying a diaper basket may not be the most convenient option. What do we do then? We take a few diapers, pack them in a transparent bag, and the vacuum the bag. This way the diapers are going to be at their flattest best and occupy very little space in the bag.

5. Prevent the baby from peeing on you:

It has happened at least once to all of us. Our babies pee on us, especially our baby boys give us a fountain when we change their nappies. How do we get around this? Just wipe the baby’s stomach with a wet wipe before changing the nappy, and voila! No more baby pee fountains!

6. Use a spatula for diaper rash cream:

No! It is not ridiculous. While spending time with our babies and increasing skin-to-skin contact is awesome, there could be times when we cannot afford to wash ourselves up forever. A spatula or brush for applying diaper rash cream will ensure that our hands are free from the sticky cream and can be washed off easily to go about our day. We must avoid this when at home though, as taking our sweet time to clean up would be nice.

7. Diapers while travelling:

Cars are the best places to stack up extra diapers. Leave a baby essential kit in the car and stock it up will all the baby diaper changing needs. The same goes for a baby’s crib at home. At the bottom of the crib, place a very small bag, which isn’t too heavy, and leave one or two diapers in it.

8. Buy Super Soft diapers:

Huggies Ultra Soft Pants are the best in the category. These diapers are designed keeping in mind where the babies want the driest areas. The Huggies Soft Pants for Boys come with an extra dry layer in the front while for the girls, there is an extra dry layer at the center.

How does this help? The softer the diaper the happier your baby.

For your baby

With all things at once place, it not only organises your needs but also speeds up the process. Imagine, now all we need to do is bring the baby to the diaper station, and in five minutes, we are done! That means we take 50 minutes or less than an hour a day to change diapers! We actually save one hundred minutes every day! And our babies are less fussy, can sleep more, and grow better!

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