12 Very Real Things That Happen When You Give Birth To A 10-Pound Baby

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Labor pains! The very mention of it gives jitters, albeit momentarily, to every pregnant woman. While labor pains are inevitable, it is not the be all and end all of pregnancy, much like everything else. However, a pregnant woman needs to practice caution with her diet, especially during the third trimester. This is to ensure that the baby stays within an ideal weight so that he/she can pass through the birth canal easily. A baby weighing 7-8 pounds at the time of birth is generally considered ideal. But what if your baby weighs nearly 10 pounds? Well, here are a few real things that may happen if you were to give birth to a 10-pound baby:

1. The Doctor Knows


Your other partner in your gestational journey, your doctor will constantly keep checking for your baby’s weight. However, despite the best efforts from both of you, if the baby still grows big, your doctor very well knows what you are in for. Don’t miss the ‘I told you so’ expression on your doctor’s face as he/she prepares to help you out one more time.

2. You Might Be Induced

If your baby is full term and is overweight already, in all likelihood, your doctor may recommend that you be induced. Especially if you have crossed your due date and yet to go into labor.

3. None Of Your Original Plan Works


As it usually happens, a lot of mothers plan for this day well in advance. However, labor and childbirth are unique to each woman. Therefore, have an open mind and be prepared for anything that comes up in the labor room.

4. You’ll Have A Certain Wishful Thinking

There’ll come a moment when you’ll be trying so hard and will start believing in every old wives’ tale. Like wishing you had big hips to make your labor easier, for instance!

5. A Tear Is Inevitable…

With your baby’s head too big to pass through the birth canal, it is obvious that a tear is inevitable. The only other option is an episiotomy. Talk about choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea!

6. …And So Are The Stitches


Well, where there is a tear, there has to be a stitch. Depending upon the size of the tear, you may have to be patient while the nursing staff stitches it up.

7. Not To Mention The Long Healing Process

And, of course, the healing process may take a bit longer than the usual to heal. So, practice caution when you move around.

8. Much Ado Over Pushing, For Nothing

Of course, the doctors will never give up on this one, will they? You’ll be asked to push and push until the last minute only to be told that you’ll undergo a C-section!!

9. That 10-Pound Loss Isn’t For Real


Phew! You’ve just lost 10 pounds! Wait, what’s that on the weighing scale again? Exactly! It’s only your baby that has come out of you, not the flab that you’ve piled on!

10. Your Friends Will Gasp!

Just mention your baby’s weight and watch your friends give a collective gasp! But then, they’ll also secretly start respecting you a little more.

11. The Effort Will Seem Worth It

It would seem as if you’ve just climbed down a huge mountain. But your baby’s sunny little smile will make everything seem worth it!

12. And Let Not Your Baby Forget It! Ever!


The next time your baby asks you how he/she came into this world, don’t say that it was the stork! Tell them how it was, for real! They need to know after all!

A little bit of bloodshed (pun intended) and pain is all part of pregnancy and motherhood. But then, a woman is no less a warrior herself, isn’t she? So put those labor-pain fears aside, put on your warrior braids, and get ready to conquer another battle, like you always do. Way to go superwoman!

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