Video Of Baby Walking Right After Being Born Is Breaking The Internet!

Video Of Baby Walking Right After Being Born Is Breaking The Internet!

Image: Facebook

We often consider babies as a bundle of miracles! Every move they flaunt becomes an event for new parents. And why shouldn’t it be? Babies these days are way too smart. They sprint out of mommy’s womb, and before you know, they are already alluring their audience. But what we are about to tell you is not an ordinary baby act! It is a miracle of sorts.

A video became an instant rage on Facebook when viewers witnessed that a new born baby was walking minutes after birth. Though the details of this whizz-baby are not yet known, this video traversed the internet like wildfire.

It shows a doctor supporting the new-born baby with one hand. The baby has tightly held the doctor’s hand and is taking one step after the other. And no, these are not imbalanced steps. They are as good as a toddler’s.

In a short span of three days, the video has managed to pull together more than 70 million views and over 1.6 million shares.

Where new-born babies barely manage to open their eyes and hold their necks, this rockstar is already a frontrunner. Hold your breath as you witness this heart-warming video of the young rambler.

A Facebook user named Arlete Arantes posted this video for the first time. And since then people are not able to get over it.

The average age when a baby takes the first step is between 9 to 12 months. It’s only when kids are 14 to 15 months old that they start walking on their own. Some kids take longer than that to get on their feet. Babies are floating and kicking in the mother’s womb, so it takes some time before they develop coordination and muscle strength to walk.

Though a new born baby’s leg muscles don’t have the strength to support the body weight, if babies are held upright under their arms, they will dangle their legs and push against the surface with their feet. It is a reflexive action. And this little wonder does it with so much ease that it looks incredible and effortless.

The baby in this video clip has broken all barriers and has rejected the phrase – don’t walk before you can crawl – like a badass!

The doctor holding the baby is clearly as surprised as the rest of us. Are we looking at a future Olympic runner here? Just wondering!

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