Video Of Pregnant Woman Pulling Her Belly In. Where Does The Baby Go?

Video Of Pregnant Woman Pulling Her Belly In. Where Does The Baby Go?

Image: Instagram/thebloommethod

Baby bumps are the cutest things about expecting mommies. They look ‘oh-so-adorable’ sporting it with confidence. But what I came across on my Instagram feed a few days back left me dumbstruck! No, it wasn’t about a baby kicking in the belly or pushing its way out.

This video clip shows a mother literally sucking in her sizably pregnant belly till it almost disappears. Where does the baby go? And how does she do it? Well, my curiosity got the better of me, and I read about this new technique that is becoming a rage among expecting mothers.

This video hails from an Instagram page called The Bloom Method. This is a part of an exercise program in Boulder where women are demonstrating a foundational breathing exercise – The Belly Pump. The program focuses on abdominal strength and pelvic health during pregnancy. Belly Pump exercise is devised by the founder of ‘The Bloom Method,’ Brooke Cates who is a pregnancy and post-birth exercise specialist.

This Belly Pump demo is one of the most amazing things you would have ever witnessed.

Check it out:

Isn’t it mind-blowing? Brooke Cates describes labor as “The Birth Marathon.” She bases her findings on a thorough research that claims – a woman giving birth pushes out three times more oxygen than a runner ousts in one marathon. The Bloom Method programs are designed on the principle of empowering women who are about to give birth. It helps them in maintaining a strong and flexible body during and after pregnancy.

Cates also suggests that athletic women should keep up with their activity levels even after they conceive. This will ensure that their physical and emotional health is maintained making the birthing and post birthing experience more fulfilling. There is no need to give up on your body to become a mother.

The next video clip shows one of Cates’ instructors demonstrating Belly Pump. It is achieved through diaphragmatic breathing. Babies naturally breathe through their diaphragm when they are born. As they grow, they learn to breathe through the chest. Diaphragmatic breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system in the body. This not just reduces stress but also calms down the body and mind. This transition from chest breathing to diaphragm breathing is the first step to Belly Pump. In the later stage, this program teaches women to achieve deep core activation.

Watch Rachel tapping into her deep core in this stunning video –


And before you get all worried about the baby, here’s an answer. Once mommies are trained in the breathing technique, it is absolutely safe for babies in the womb. As the mother breathes, the baby smoothly slides up the ribcage. According to Cates, this exercise calms down the baby. It prepares the unborn child to move in the right direction. Women who have been practicing diaphragmatic breathing are said to have smoother birthing experiences. It also prevents pelvic floor incontinence postpartum and abdominal separation.

Carrying a baby is a gratifying experience for every woman. With proper exercises and a good diet, mothers can maintain their fitness levels during and after pregnancy. This not just helps them with physical wellbeing but also reduces the risks of postpartum depression.

So mommies to be, put on your walking shoes and tell your body, she is still your most favorite possession. Thank your body for giving you an opportunity to carry this child. And do that by loving and pampering yourself with a healthy lifestyle. Don’t stress, stay calm, laugh often and enjoy each moment of this blissful journey called motherhood. What you are set to do is extraordinary. Just like you. Happy motherhood.

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