13 Warning Signs The Baby Is Overheating In The Womb

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Overheating is one heck of a problem during pregnancy. They don’t warn you against entering a Jacuzzi or taking a long warm bath for no reason. In fact, overheating is so bad for your unborn child that it can not only give rise to fetal problems but can even cause miscarriage! So you have to make sure that your body temperature never goes beyond 102 degrees. If you don’t know when your body and consequently your baby heat up, here are some warning signs to help you out.

1. Prickly Heat

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Don’t dismiss the rashes on your abdomen, chest or back as an allergic reaction when you’re pregnant. These rashes can also be in the form or prickly heat [1], which is a vital sign of overheating.

2. Moist Feeling In The Head

Exposure to the sun can cause your neck and head to heat up beyond permissible limits. If your scalp or neck start sweating, you should try to cool them down immediately.

3. Nausea

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Even though nausea is common pregnancy, if you start to vomit too (especially if you haven’t before), then it can be taken as a sign of overheating. This overheating is usually induced by dehydration.

4. Balance Issues

If you find it difficult to sit up straight or walk in a straight line, especially during the early stages of pregnancy when you haven’t put on baby weight, it means your body is overheated. This is will usually be coupled with other symptoms.

5. Skin Reddening

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Flushed red skin indicates that your body’s temperature has risen to beyond normal and can even be a sign of heatstroke [2]. So when you’re pregnant, you should avoid exerting yourself out in the sun.

6. Constant Thirst

Staying hydrated is important when pregnant as it keeps the baby cool. Dehydration-induced overheating can display signs such as constant thirst, chapped lips, dry mouth and more [3].

7. Drowsiness

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If you feel sleepy and tired even after getting 7 hours of sleep, you should check your body temperature to see if it’s higher than normal. If it is, you need to get a fix for overheating.

8. Rapid Heartbeat

Your heart will beat faster when you’re pregnant but if it beats way faster than usual (even when you’re not physically active), you can take it as a symptom of overheating.

9. Increased Body Warmth

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If your body becomes progressively warmer, and you don’t even sweat, you may be either suffering from a fever or your body may have heated up, giving rise to a condition called hyperthermia [4].

10. Hot To Touch Skin

Just like body warmth, unusually hot to touch skin is also caused by overheating. In such a scenario, you should find a way to cool down your body immediately.

11. Slow Pace

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If you find yourself doing everything awfully slowly and feel lethargic all the time, your body may have overheated. You should drink a cold glass of water or sit in an AC room to beat the heat.

12. Breathlessness

Feeling a little out of breath is normal, but if you find yourself desperately trying to catch your breath, it is a cause of concern. Practice cooling down techniques and breathing exercises when this happens.

13. Double Vision

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Dizziness is no longer an innocent symptom of pregnancy if you find yourself seeing double throughout the gestation period. It can be a sign of overheating, especially if you live in very hot climate. This can also be accompanied by sweating and anxiety.

If you want you and your baby to be in perfectly good health, you should keep an eye on these signs. Be sure to fix an appointment with your doctor if you notice even one of these symptoms. Better be safe than sorry.