Watch These Guys Freak Out When Watching Childbirth For The First Time

Most men may not know a lot about childbirth, let alone actually seeing how it happens. Heck, even many women are on the same boat. That being said, surely you have heard stories of how traumatizing it is to watch a woman giving birth, or you may have even seen it in a health class.

In this case, a group of men (one was munching on noodles) were asked to watch a video of a woman giving birth. In our opinion, they reacted somewhat better than expected. Although we must admit their reactions and comments are downright hilarious.

If you’re curious to know what these men had to say about the miracle of giving birth, then keep reading!

Initial Thoughts And Reactions

Once the video beings, all the men seem fairly calm and well prepared.

One man solemnly even said, “Okay she’s very pregnant.” Well, at 9 months we’re glad to know she’s very pregnant! Slowly as a few seconds pass by all their faces morph into curiosity and suspicion. If you hadn’t guessed it, now is when the fun stuff begins.

Once the doctors or whoever is delivering the baby gets his hands on the mommy to help pull out the little bundle of joy, one man says, “look at how her body is reacting, she doesn’t want that!” Although she most certainly does want it so she can hold her baby. There was another hilarious hands reference, as another man said, “somebody is up in there.”

As more time passes, one guy says, “it takes a lot of people to…” and gets cut off because his friend then yells “AHHH!” This is followed by very nervous laughter.

One guy who may or may not seem a little impatient said, “I don’t know if they’re ever going to get to the baby”. Luckily for him, the video gets more intense, as the baby comes out. You can tell, as there’s a mix of “ooohs” and “here we go.”

Next thing you know is all of them are elongated their “ohs” which turn into “oh my gods” Each oh is either in shock, wonder, or disgust – we can’t quite make out, or maybe it’s a combination of all!

Now at this point in time, the baby is finally out, which is described so eloquently by one of the men, “Oh no, oh no, it just shoots right out of there!” Meanwhile another man is screaming, “OH NO” while his friend makes hilarious faces and hand gestures all because he’s grossed out. It’s comic gold.

Obviously the baby is covered in blood amongst other fluids. However, one guy adorably exclaimed, “Why is it all red?!” After a few seconds, the blood, “ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THAT RED”, once again shocks him. Another few seconds later, the blood still troubles him, as he states, “That cotton swab is not going to help!”

After a fairly calm pause of silence, you suddenly hear a gasp and a chorus of more ohs – probably because they have a clear view of the baby. Their descriptions are hilarious albeit a tiny bit mean. For example, one says, ““I feel like I’m watching Alien” and another says, “it looks like the zombie baby from the dawn of the dead.”

Afterthoughts And Reaction

The comments made after the video cracked us up as well. One guy said, “I feel scared, frightened, amazed all at once. My brain can’t pick an emotion.”Meanwhile, his friend is still happily eating his noodles as if nothing ever happened. The conversation went like this, “You’re eating after that?” “Well, I’m still hungry.”

The other twosome on the other hand was seriously amazed.They went on about how beautiful, incredible, and gross the process was. We have to agree with that description! Do you?

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