11 Ways Dads Make Your Breastfeeding Easy

Ways Dads Make Your Breastfeeding Easy

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Breastfeeding is great, but it can be daunting on few occasions. Consider the number of times you might have to be up to feed your baby. The milking factory that you are now will give you less time to jostle against the regular chores and care for your older children, let alone care for your husband. Rather it’s time your husband takes over to help you with breastfeeding. Here’s how he can offer you help:

1. Trying To Pacify The Baby First:

If your baby wakes up in the night, all hungry, let your husband spring out of the bed first before you do and try pacifying your baby before you have managed to open your eyes from a deep slumber. It will help your baby to get used to the touch of its father as well.

2. Positioning Your Baby For Your Feed:

You might want to stay still in the bed while your husband fetches your baby to you. You don’t even have to recline. Allow him to position the baby on your breasts while you are still laying in there all warm and snuggly.

3. Propping Up The Pillow:

Did you say you wanted to sit? Ask him to prop up the pillows for that perfect recline that can help your baby be in your arms comfortably and can latch on your breats while you relax.

4. Patting The Baby:

Ah, the burp sessions! You have already done the fantastic job of feeding. Don’t work hard on making the baby burp. It’s essential that you burp the baby to avoid reflux or regurgitation. So ask its daddy to do the job while you go back to sleep. Let daddy have his time out patting the baby gently, or making it sit leaning forward or simply walk in the aisles with the baby all curled on his shoulder.

5. Helping With Sterilizing Bottles And Cleaning Pumps:

If you are using bottles and pumps to express milk, ask your spouse to sterilize the bottles and clean the pumps.

6. Helping With Doing Dishes And Laundry:

You are lucky to have dishwashers and washing machines. While you are nursing, your husband can get them running and spinning – it really needs no effort on his part.

7. Making The Table:

You might have cooked a meal. Ask him to set the table and have things ready to serve. Squeeze out this time to have your baby a little of your feed.

8. Help Your Older Children:

Depending on the age-group they are, your husband can help your older children with their routine – homework, driving them to a soccer practice, a music lesson, or simply playing with them. Engaging them while you are nursing your baby will also allow for the quietude for an undistrated feed.

9. Filling The Baby Needs And Supplies:

Ask your husband to fetch all the baby-relating supplies before they deplete. Diapers, baby-wipes, baby-oil, baby-creams, dispoable bibs and soaps are just among the things that might need constant purchase. So when you want some quiet time with your baby, ask him to utilize the time shopping for the essentials.

10. Changing The Diapers:

You are exhausted after a long day and if you want to catch up with sleep, have your husband do the diaper-change job each time your baby has soiled it.

11. Make Him Understand That You Are Not Ashamed Of Breastfeeding In Public:

If he has visceral instincts like other men, make it clear to him that you will not duck your head in shame each time your baby seeks your feed even while in public. Explain to him that it’s a privilege and the benefits that your baby has in doing so.

Dads can be instrumental in helping you and saving your energy levels if you are a nursing mom. Don’t hesitate to ask for his help!

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