5 Ways Pregnancy Is Different With Twins

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Are you pregnant with two little angels? Congratulations! You just got lucky, two times over! With two in your belly, however, comes twice the responsibility too. And, life during pregnancy might not be easy either. Things are definitely going to be a little different from your expectations. In a twin pregnancy, even the risks associated might be higher. But, don’t you worry a lot. Your doctor will keep a constant tab on you to ensure he/she provides you with the best healthcare.

Now that we have talked plenty about being pregnant with twins, you might be a little curious. Without further ado, we bring you some ways in which being pregnant with twins might be different:

1. Stuff In Those Extra Calories

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If you think you need to consume more amount of calories as compared to the singleton moms, you have guessed it absolutely right. To take care of your two babies a regular amount of calories is not just enough. A woman expecting twins is recommended to add an extra 500 calories a day (1). It is the right time to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine. You might want to choose your diet also from a variety of food groups. This will ensure that you get the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs during a twin pregnancy.

2. Regular Hospital Visit

We hope that you are all set for regular doctor appointments, tests, and scans. While your fellow friend with one baby may have to go for only a single anatomy and growth scan, it might not be the same for you. Your doctor will be more careful and might call you in more often. Not that there is something to worry about. Your obstetrician would just want to be sure. In the end, the number of tests he/she calls you in for will mostly depend on the status of your health at that time.

3. Extreme Morning Sickness

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Your pregnancy symptoms might be a little worse when you are pregnant with two. You are likely to have more spotting or light bleeding as compared to moms expecting one child. Even nausea might be more common for you with more incidents of vomiting. The pregnancy hormone “human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)” levels are more in case of a twin pregnancy, which might lead to stronger pregnancy symptoms (2). Since you might have a hard time fighting against discomforts during a twin pregnancy, common complaints like indigestion and heartburn may also become a pain for you. On top of this, two tiny angels putting pressure against your diaphragm won’t help either!

4. You Will Put On More Weight

In a twin pregnancy, the weight gain is expected to be more than what it is compared to a singleton pregnancy. Because there is a higher increase in both the maternal tissues as well as intrauterine weight (3). It may also depend on the pregnant woman’s original weight. Don’t get worked up since it is a regular part of twin pregnancy. After all, you have been consuming more calories. Following a well-balanced diet can help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape.

5. Early Labor

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Your baby might arrive a little earlier than your expected due date. A woman expecting two babies may be more vulnerable to early labor as well as delivery. Even natural delivery is possible in case of twin pregnancy unless there are any complications. In that case, your doctor might opt for a Cesarean delivery.

Whatever may be the case, don’t get disheartened or feel scared. Enjoy this phase as much as you can. At the end of this, you are going to have two little tiny angels to cuddle in your arms. And, twins also mean double the joy. By the time that you get over the excitement of one of your little one’s first words, the other one will begin talking. And, you will feel that euphoria all over again. So, trust us when we say that all these teeny tiny discomforts will be worth it in the end!