6 Ways To Feel Young Even After Being A Mother

Looking and feeling young after having babies is tad challenging considering the kind of changes your body goes through. Moreover, babies need your time and attention which is why making time for yourself becomes difficult. But note that it is ‘difficult’ and not ‘impossible’.

Once your children begin managing themselves and do not need 24 hours of your supervision, it’s time for you to psych yourself up for some hard work to get your old self back. Just because you are a mommy doesn’t mean that you have to look haggard and harried. You can look sexy and young and still be a mommy.

Here are six ways to feel young even after being a mother.

1. Hit The Gym

You must be aware of the benefits of exercising. Yoga, aerobics, gym training, or any other kind of physical activity can help you knock off extra pounds that have been making you look like an old and boring nanny. No matter how much weight you put on, your old shoes will always fit you. So, dig out your old running shoes and jog your way to a healthy and sexy body. A few weeks of hard work and see your stamina improve, making you feel energized and full of life.

2. Eat Good Food

There are several fruits and vegetables that are known to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. Eat healthy food not only to look good but also to keep ailments at bay. Try an occasional detox plan that suits you. The right food can bring back the lost glow on your face and make you look radiant and young.

3. Invest In Lingerie

Open your lingerie drawer and see if it is stuffed with granny pants and sports bras. If yes, then pack them up and be ready to throw them as soon as possible. Why? Because from now on you have to get back to wearing the same sexy underwear that you did a few years ago. This is not just to impress your hubby but also to feel good yourself. Sexy lingerie makes you feel desirable and confident. Then why hold on to nursing bras when you can totally rock the sheer bra.

4. Buy New Clothes

If your undergarments are sexy then nothing should keep you from ditching your maternity clothes and going for some well-fitting outfits. Wear clothes that suit you and do not make you look old and out of shape. But do not try to dress up like a 16-year-old in an attempt to look younger. Dress your age and aim to look classy and chic. Wear clothes that compliment or even enhance your figure.

5. Visit The Salon

Lingerie? Check. Clothes? Check. Now, what remains is some primping and pampering. Trying a new hairdo will make you look different instantly. Some hairdos can actually deduct years from your face and make you look younger. You have worked hard looking after your children and deserve some pampering. A spa treatment can do wonders to your skin and your mood. Your regular manicure and pedicure can also help lift your mood and make you look perfect.

6. Steal Your Husband

Plan a weekend getaway or a dinner date for only your spouse and you. For a day, you can leave your kids in their grandparent’s care and steal your husband for some lone time to recreate your dating days. Create new memories that you can cherish for life. Ignite the spark you have as a couple. Feeling loved by your husband will bring back your younger days when you felt sexy and attractive.

Have you ever tried to reinvent yourself after having babies? Share your tips and experience with us by commenting below.

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